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The Difference Between a Satisfactory Attire and an Outstanding One

by luxirare

Having too many options, the same with having insufficient options means a potential equal to disaster. Just like you, I also want to dress up every morning with a minimum amount of effort and in the shortest time possible. But I also know just how easy it is to have a day when nothing happens as it should.

I never leave my home with the intention of wearing a badly made outfit and, in spite of all these efforts, I have days when I do fail. There are certain stylistic elements that “raise” and support an attire. An outfit can be satisfactory, reasonable, or from the “meh, that will do” category, just as well as it can be transformed into an outstanding one, a special one, a truly interesting one. And these elements are closer than you may think. For instance…

Make sure your clothes fit you in the best way possible

A clothing item that is poorly cut and finished, one with the wrong proportions, one with an inappropriate cut for our silhouettes is not just unattractive, but also uncomfortable. A first step would be to become familiar with the brands and workshops of which cuts and aesthetics eliminate all these problems. A mere blazer or an ordinary T-shirt can modify the aspect of an entire outfit if they fit by the book.

The bags and shoes are the celebrities of each attire

You don’t have to buy them from a well-known brand. The main idea is for them to be of high-quality, to display an actual design, to be proof of good taste, to be comfortable, and to come from a stylistic story complementary to your attire – in whatever order you prefer. Once these two elements are ticked, the attire itself earns a structure, a presence, an aesthetic verticality.

Leave those complicated pieces to professional fashionistas

Trying very hard to reproduce a look that is not “yours” is a certain recipe for a stylistic mistake. My advice is to stay calm, march on those attires that make you feel comfortable with yourselves, and leave that stylistic bling-bling to others. Don’t get me wrong: simple and classic doesn’t mean dull and boring. On the contrary, it can mean elegance and distinction, it can mean comfort and color, it can mean a dose of modern balanced by a divine accessorizing.

Have fun with accessories full of personality

I know that it sounds like a general rule, but try to imagine that even the dullest attire transforms when you add earrings that are not worn by all of your colleagues, vintage eyewear, a handful of broaches, a large scarf knotted with skill, a faux-fur collar thrown over a shoulder, a colorful beret playfully tilted to one side, a few pearl hairpins placed around your bang.

Apply the high-low principle

Even if the bags and shoes can be the stars of an attire, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the attire should be neglected. But you shouldn’t compose the entire attire out of star-items either. From a stylistic point of view, this can be translated like this: don’t create attires with items made by designers only or with well-known cuts, play with the high-low principle and balance the star-items with others in distinct, clean, minimalist lines, accompany spectacular prints with neutral colors, march on textures and transparencies when you choose complicated cuts, underline the modern notes of an outfit by adding a vintage element, and so on…

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