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The Best Way to Celebrate the Life of Your Furry Companion

by luxirare

For many pet owners, their pets are more than just mere companions. They are part of the family and, thus, a very special bond develops between the owner, and the family, and the pet that makes the entire household whole. Those who chose to have a dog or a cat, enjoy not just companionship of these animals, but also their pure friendship, unconditional love, and loyalty. A cat or a dog can put a smile on your face after a long and hard day and will never judge you, accepting and loving you for who you really are.

A good number of people met their life partners with the help of their pets, improved their social life, and even found a way to handle depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Bearing all these in mind, it’s no wonder our furry companions occupy such an important place in our hearts and lives. We can’t see our lives without them and the pure happiness with which they greet us each time we come back home is extremely rewarding.

In return, we offer them our protection, a warm home to live in, proper food in sufficient amounts, vet care when needed, and we make sure they enjoy all the comfort they need. But, did you ever consider doing something special to celebrate the life of your favorite furry companion? Without a doubt, you have numerous photos with your pet, from its first months of life and throughout its adult years. However, you can turn these photos into amazing illustrations, which carefully underline the special traits and features of your pet.

  • A digital illustration you will cherish forever

Photos are, without a doubt, the best way to collect memories. Because you love your pet and, as most of us know, pets are capable of posing in the most adorable ways, I am more than certain that you have an impressive number of pictures with it. But, if you want to have something more special and celebrate your pet’s life in a unique manner, you can choose a photo, or several, which you like the most, and have then turned into detailed illustrations.

Vectorpets will make this goal turn into reality. In approximately 72 hours, you will receive a loyal illustration of your pet, made according to the photo you sent. If you want it faster, you can have your request processed in 24 hours, in exchange for an extra fast delivery fee. Depending on how you plan to use the illustration, you can choose between a detailed version or cartoon version. The detailed version, as you may expect, looks more realistic, featuring a higher degree of detail, the kind of details that make your pet so unique. The cartoon version, on the other hand, is a simpler illustration, which transforms the image of your pet into a cartoon-like character.

If you ask me, the detailed version can turn into a beautiful Pet Portrait on the wall, as it looks like being made by a talented artist. In reality, a lot of attention to details and the latest technology and software are used to obtain the final result. Thus, the details featured by the illustration will be stunning.

  • An accessible way to have a beautiful illustration of your pet

Having your pet illustrated by an experienced professional is not by far as expensive as you may think. The service is more than accessible, so you have no reason not to give it a try. All you need to do is find a photo of your pet that you like the most. Upload it on Vectorpet and wait to receive an e-mail with the ordered illustration. You can safely and conveniently pay with PayPal and other payment methods, so there’s really no hustle and bustle when it comes to this service.

Of course, there are additional services you can opt for, services that will add up to the final bill. But, if you consider them useful, then it may be worth paying extra. Also, if you have more than one pet in the picture and would like to have the illustration of all pets at once, this will also increase the final costs. After all, you don’t do illustrations of your pets every day, so you may want to have a beautiful memory of the furry friends that stood by your side day after day, whether you were happy, tired, or upset.

Every pet is unique and if you had more than one dog or cat throughout your life, then you must know what I am talking about. This is why it may be worth having your pet illustrated in an ingenious manner so that you can keep and cherish its unique characteristics for eternity.

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