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The 7 Best Travel Accessories

by luxirare

Travel leisurely. These travel items will make your journey more comfortable, convenient, and sometimes even cheaper. Check out our top picks.

This isn’t another one of those ridiculous articles that claim to tell you about the travel items you ‘must-have’ when in reality no one needs to travel with a portable bidet or deluxe seat organizer.

This article is going to focus on the absolute necessities when it comes to traveling.

Keep reading to learn the 7 best travel items, and one bonus, that you actually need.

  1. International Travel Adapter

If you’re traveling internationally you need to be sure you’re equipped to handle the different outlets. You want to be sure you can keep your phone and other electronics charged without having to run around and find something you can use in the store.

  1. USB Charger

Having a USB charger is important when traveling because USB’s are universal around the world. Most places have updated their outlets to include a USB plugin so you can easily charge your phone. You should get one that’s adaptable as well so you can charge anything you bring with you.

  1. Power Bank

Power banks are great for when you need to charge up but are off the grid. Precharge these in your hotel room, or wherever you’re staying, and feel confident you’ll still be connected all day. These are pretty inexpensive nowadays but make the world of difference when traveling.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Meeting people can get very dirty very quickly. Don’t be stuck walking around with dirty hands, instead carry hand sanitizer with you so you can always stay clean. You can keep a small one with you just for emergencies and wash your hands in a sink when available.

  1. Digital Camera

Yes, even in this digital era it’s important to have a dedicated camera for traveling. Phones can die, and you don’t want to waste the battery taking sub-par photos. Get yourself a camera you can wear around your neck and take breathtaking photos with.

  1. Money Belt

A money belt will ensure that your money stays safe, and stays with you. In the UK alone there are over 600,000 pickpocket incidents each year. Don’t risk losing your money or wallet, instead wear a money belt that holds it close to your body and inaccessible to others. 

Additionally, if you’re traveling internationally, and need to store your luggage securely, then you need to find a left luggage storage facility. They’ll hold on to your luggage so you can travel with peace of mind. Most places have these and you can rent them for as little as one day.

  1. Water Purifier

If you’re traveling off the grid a water purifier can mean the difference between living and dying. A water purifier ensures that anything you drink is going to be safe. Usually, you can find small ones that can even fit in your pocket.

Get Your Travel Items Today

Now that you know the travel items you absolutely need it’s time to schedule that trip! Let us know in the comments which item you liked the most. Also, if you liked this content be sure to share it with your friends.


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