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Taking Care Of Your Jewelry: 5 Practical Tips

by luxirare

Whether you have a few costume pieces or you own an extensive collection of fine jewelry, it is crucial to apply the best care possible. Here we have gathered five key tips to help you take care of your jewelry collection.

Know When To Wear Your Jewelry 

Regardless of the materials, it is important to wear your jewelry correctly. Perfumes, lotions, and hair sprays can be detrimental to your pieces. Therefore, you should remember to put them on last to finish your overall look. Then, remove them first when you are taking off your clothes. Do not wear any jewelry if you plan to go shopping and try on clothes. You should also remove them before you engage in activities which involve chemicals such as swimming or cleaning your house.

Store Your Jewelry Separately

Storing your jewelry is another important aspect. It is best to store your jewelry in a special case or box. Always keep all pieces separated from one another. This will prevent them from getting tangled or scratched. In addition, you should avoid leaving your jewelry in the sunlight for too long as the color of gemstones can become dull. As gold can scratch easily, it is recommended to keep it either in individual soft cloth bags or in the original box it came in.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

As you wear your jewelry regularly, your pieces can get dirty or damaged. It is important to take a good look at them before you put them on. Examine your jewelry for any deep scratches or dirt build-up. Any major repairs can be performed by a jewelry store in Baltimore. Although you may be able to deal with minor issues at home, it is best to look for a professional in certain cases. For example, Nelson Coleman Jewelers is the best jewelry store in Baltimore, which offers appraisals, repairs and simple cleaning.  

Use A Travel Jewelry Case

Just like regular storage is important, storing your jewelry when traveling is another key factor. If you leave your pieces in a toiletry bag, they will toss around in your suitcase and get damaged. It is recommended to find a special travel jewelry case to ensure the protection and safety of your items. If you would like to learn how to pack jewelry pieces such as necklaces, check out this helpful guidance. You can also create a jewelry care kit containing all of the supplies you need to clean your pieces when you travel.

Avoid Sleeping In Your Jewelry

Lastly, wearing your jewelry while asleep should be avoided as this can be harmful to you and your pieces. In fact, many people have a habit of sleeping with their engagement ring or wedding band on. However, this could disrupt your sleep or irritate your skin. Also, you might accidentally break a chain or lose a stone from your necklace. If you always wear your earrings, there is a risk that your earlobes could get saggy. Because of this, it is always advisable to remove your jewelry before you go to bed.  

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