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Sustainable Jewelry for Your Bride to Be

by luxirare

Most modern women are interested in sustainability and taking action toward enjoying a cleaner tomorrow. While we love fashionable and high-quality clothes and accessories, we started to redirect our attention toward those fashion designers that commit to protecting the environment and, therefore, our future. Slow-fashion and sustainable sources for cotton and other fibers are already known, both in the world of fashion designers and fashion enthusiasts. But, did you know that there are sustainable jewelry options as well?

Why pay for a diamond ring that is produced through rudimentary and destructive methods, when you can opt for something more responsible? These days, it is possible to get diamond rings and other types of diamond jewelry that are created in a laboratory. Lab grown diamonds are the latest fashion and provide accessories produced ethically and sustainably. No more digging for diamonds and destroying the landscape and everything it holds. We can now be beautiful, distinct, and elegant in a way that shows respect towards the environment. Considering the degree of knowledge and technology we have in our hands these days, it’s about time for mankind to come up with such innovative methods.

Where can you find ethically-created diamonds? If you visit www.larkandberry.com you’ll get the chance to see an impressive collection of jewelry decorated with cultured diamonds. Every piece of jewelry is created in a laboratory, with minimum to no impact on the environment. The best part about creating diamonds in a controlled environment, like a laboratory, is that all parameters can be controlled. Thus, the resulting diamonds are perfect in terms of quality. In other words, you will get the clearest, most beautiful diamonds you ever had the chance to see.

If you truly want to impress your future wife, getting her a diamond engagement ring made sustainably will certainly catch her attention. It will prove that you are a man interested in the well-being of the planet, in a more prosperous and safe future, and that you do care for the quality without compromising valuable principles. Not to mention that the jewelry provided by Lark and Berry can be tailored to your desires. You can choose the metal, ring style, and cut of the diamond, and offer a bespoke ring to the most important person in your life. No matter how you put it, these rings are indeed impressive.

But wait, as there is more to this diamond jewelry. Made entirely in the UK, the process is fueled by renewable energy only. So, you will get exquisite jewelry that is made in clean conditions, without generating a negative impact on the environment. It may not seem much, but change comes from each of us. Every decision we make will impact, more or less, our future. If each of us would take one step at a time toward a better tomorrow, most certainly it will happen. If you ask me, it’s time to be different because we have so many options to be this way. There are better, cleaner, and much safer alternatives these days and we should take advantage of them. Only this way we will be able to enjoy the beauties of this planet as time goes by. 

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