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Stylish Ways To Create A Home Fit For A Celebrity

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You may look at the double page spread in celebrity magazine with envy in your eyes, wishing that someday you could have a home that is as glamorous and beautiful as the ones displayed there. The thing is though, such glamorous style isn’t just about money it’s about taste and being able to bring a room design together too. That means you can achieve a similar look in your own home, whether you are a rich and famous celebrity star or not. Read on to find out more.

Make a feature out of the stairs

One thing that seems to be standard across many of the luxury homes of the rich and famous is that they really make a big deal out of their staircases. Of course, in larger homes in LA and Hollywood staircases tend to be sweeping, perfect for that all-important entrance to your own party. However not all of us are blessed with such gargantuan stairs in our home, so what can we do instead to make the most of this space?

A sweeping or spiral staircase can be enhanced with good lighting.

Well, one thing is to use lighting to its full effect. Stairways tend to be dark closed in spaces in most homes, and you can really open them up and create a bigger impact by using bright lighting. However, instead of going for overhead pendant lights, use bright up-lighters along the stairs, as these will illuminate the space, but also prevent the lighting becoming unflattering or too harsh.

Class the place up a bit with some antiques

The ownership and display of key pieces of furniture is also something that is commonplace in the homes of celebrities. Although the style of these pieces may differ depending on the fashion of the time and the personal taste of the homeowner. Some folks will favor a more lavish old world style with pieces like the antique tables for sale on Antiques World dotted around. While others may go for a more modern minimalistic style using pieces made of aluminum and plastic. Although don’t be fooled, even the more modern pieces are likely to be designer and cost a small fortune.

Of course, you can recreate this look in your own home, by studying carefully the style that you want and looking for cheaper reproductions.

Remember space is as important as stuff

Another key feature of the home of the rich and famous includes the sense of space that they create. In fact, while their homes many contain many beautiful things, it is the way that they are arranged to not overcrowd or overwhelm a space that is often the most important thing.

Luckily, this is something that you can easily adopt in your own home. All you need to do is choose specific items and pieces and ensure that they are grouped together in such a way that not only shows them off but also emphasizes the roominess of the space that they are in. Something that will allow you to achieve a home fit for a celebrity without breaking the bank.

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