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Why You Should Stop Thinking & Start Booking

by luxirare
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How many hours a week do you spend sat at a computer and drooling over the beautiful pictures of even prettier beaches? While you’re daydreaming about those far-flung destinations, are you clicking your way through websites and pricing up a holiday that you are never booking? Yeah, me too.

Everyone does it, but no one would want to admit it. Booking a holiday is actually a great way to waste time. The more you think about your holiday options, the more you can talk yourself out of actually making that booking. It’s intense, to search the world through the many countries, many resorts, many cities and then try and choose a place to visit. Trying to decide whether you book a holiday with Just You and go it alone, then talking yourself out of the experience because you may be too afraid to do it is a common thing among many. Crossing continents, sailing the seas and choosing where to lay your head at night can get too overwhelming and it’s not until that moment that you appreciate the necessity of a travel agent. When you spend time thinking too hard about your holiday options, you end up giving up and missing out on the possible holiday of a lifetime. There are some things that you can do to stop thinking and start booking the perfect holiday, and we’ve got great tips for you to help you get there:

Timing. When you book a holiday, you can be totally bamboozled by offers of cheap flights and even cheaper accommodation. Did you know that timing is everything when it comes to booking? The timing of your holiday booking is just about as important as where you decide to go. Your trip is going to depend very much on the climate: you wouldn’t book a beach holiday in January in the same way you wouldn’t book a skiing holiday in August. Timing is everything if you hope to have an enjoyable one. When you click the button to book the holiday, doing it as a last-minute event can save a lot of money for you. You could still go to the beach in Spain in January, you just may not get the same seasonal experience you’d receive if you went in the peak season!

Reviews. Before you choose to go anywhere or stay anywhere, look at the reviews. TripAdvisor is an absolute goldmine of information for the unseasoned traveller, and once you’ve checked out the reviews of a destination, you can start making decisions about where you are going. The reviews can help you find a value in wherever you book.

Itinerary. When you choose to book a holiday, you need to have some balance. You could book a break that is just you with a stack of books and a sun lounger, but you could find yourself staring into the face of boredom and going home wishing you had seen more and done more. Equally, you could pack in the action and feel like you need a holiday to recover from the one that you’ve just had. The key is to find enough light and shade in your break to make sure that you feel like you’ve got more experiences as well as being totally rested!

Budget. If you know how much you want to spend, you can really narrow down the choices. You can’t plan a holiday without knowing how much you realistically can afford. You could daydream as much as you like, but you won’t get anywhere without actually clicking ‘book’! The budget can be spot on with careful planning, so start making notes about how you can make savings to get you on the way to the holiday of your dreams.

Being ready to actually push the ‘book’ button and getting out of your head to do it isn’t easy, especially if you are a daydreamer by nature. It’s possible for you to have experiences outside of your own head and go out into the world knowing you are doing something for once instead of just thinking about it. It’s not the easiest concept, but stop thinking and start living your life! Book the holiday, don’t just stare at the screen and talk yourself out of it because it’s too expensive, too hot or just not the ‘right’ one. Don’t wait for the experiences to land in your lap: one day you’ll realise that you waited too long and you’ll wish you had just been brave enough to go and take the risk.

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