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Stay Organized: How and Why to Avoid a Messy Living Room

by luxirare

Having a messy living room is a lifestyle for some, and such people thrive within the chaos and do not care to restore order. What these people don’t know is a cluttered living space creates an unhealthy environment that can negatively affect one’s mental and physical health.

Downsides of a Messy Living Room

  1. Create the Wrong Impression

Taking companions back to your filthy living room can leave a terrible impression, such as doubts about your hygiene, which can be a major turn off. Explaining why your space is so messy can quickly become awkward and kill the mood, so clean up to avoid scaring off your potential soul mate.

Having a dirty space may also make friends and family less eager to visit. Unless you are trying to isolate yourself, make your home more welcoming by cleaning up and keeping your living room organized.

  1. May Cause Depression

A messy room can be a sign of internal turmoil. For example, feeling depressed, angry, or anxious can make you less eager to clean up, but leaving the space as it is can further exacerbate your negative feelings. However, cleaning up can make you feel better. 

The process of tidying up can be therapeutic, distracting you from whatever it is that is bothering you. Having a cleaner and brighter room can also lighten your mood and eliminate negative energy from your space. Improve your attitude by making your space clean and clutter-free.

  1. Trouble Finding Things

Imagine being late for an appointment and spending almost an hour searching for your keys beneath a pile of dirty laundry and old pizza boxes. It is as frustrating as it is disgusting. 

Even if your mess is systematic and you claim to know where everything is, finding stuff will be easier in an organized living room.

  1. Breeding Ground for Vermin and Bacteria

Rats and roaches love clutter. They will make homes and multiply underneath it, and you won’t know until you have a full-blown infestation. Dangerous microorganisms, such as mold and bacteria, also flourish in unclean spaces. 

If you don’t want rodents, bugs, and other disease-carrying creatures as roommates, it is time to sanitize and organize your living room.

  1. Poor Ventilation

A messy living room gets less fresh air, which can lead to a rancid smelling home. That smell will cling to your clothes, and you will take it with you everywhere you go. If that thought scares you, grab a broom, a trash bag, and some cleaner and get to work.

  1. Make Less Healthy Choices

A recent study showed that people who live in disorganized rooms are less likely to make healthy choices. Some of these unhealthy choices include a poor diet, practicing unsafe sex, and more. Keeping your home clean will put you in the right mindset to make better life choices.

Tips for Keeping Your Space Organized

Now that we know the dangers of a messy living room, here are effective tips for turning things around and maintaining order within your space.

  1. Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is anything your space doesn’t need: If it does not serve an aesthetic or functional purpose, take it out. That includes unnecessary furniture, boxes, knickknacks, and anything else that makes your living room look crowded. 

A cluttered room will look messy no matter how clean it is. It can also create hiding places for rodents and bugs. 

Get rid of the clutter to enjoy more space in your living room. After eliminating the clutter, stop it from returning by installing a large catch all bin or storage basket. The receptacle will be your clutter-catcher for books, magazines, and other items that could create litter in your space.

  1. Have a Cleaning Day

Designate a cleaning day for putting together your entire home. For most people, once a week is sufficient. If you are not a fan of chores, you could hire a cleaning company or maid to do the job for you. Regular cleaning will prevent junk from piling up in your living room, creating a mess that is harder to organize.

  1. Assign a Space to Each Item 

Keep your living room organized by assigning each item its own space. For instance, have a spot for the remote, a receptacle for your keys, shelves for your books, etc. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, it makes finding items in your living room easier and prevents littering.

  1. Hide Your Cords

Cords are a necessary evil for powering our electronics, but that does not mean we have to leave them lying around in a messy tangle. Aside from making your space look untidy, tangled cords all over the floor can become a tripping or electrical hazard.

Hide your cords with a cord cover. Paint the cover to blend in or complement your living room’s décor. Another option is using a cable management system that hides your cords in the wall, but this might not be ideal for everyone.

  1. Add More Storage Space

The more storage space you have in your living room, the less likely you are to create a mess. For example, install shelves or buy furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables, with storage compartments. The only downside to having so many storage spaces within your living room is you might lose track of where everything is kept. Nonetheless, it helps to have plenty of storage options if you own a lot of stuff.

  1. Everyone Must Contribute

If you live alone, keeping your living room tidy is your sole responsibility. If you have co-habitants, perhaps a spouse, roommate, or children, they must contribute to preventing a messy living room. That includes picking up after themselves and sticking to the order of things you have established within the space.


Remember that a messy living room can create a terrible first impression and be unhealthy for your body and soul. With our cleaning tips, you can avoid such issues and create happy memories within your space.

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