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Snacks ideas for your garden party

by luxirare

Planning your next garden party? It’s time to start thinking about snacks. Not planning a garden party? It’s time to start planning one! Now that restrictions are lifting and we can meet up with friends and family outdoors in our private gardens, it’s the perfect time to host a fabulous garden party. Today, I’ve partnered up with Springvale Foods, food wholesalers to share with us some snack ideas ideal for a garden party.

Something savoury?

Cut up some bread, some cheese, maybe some cold meats and spreads. You can lay it all our beautifully or have it in different plates scattered around the table so your guests can easily grab what they want. You can’t go wrong with a delicious charcuterie board! 

Impress your friends and family with some homemade bread. Boo Roo and Tigger Too shared an easy bread recipe which we love! You’ll be asked for the recipe of this bread or at least your you’ll be asked to make it time and time again when you visit your friends and family’s houses. 

Something sweet?

Garden parties are not complete with a cup good of tea and a biscuit. Our favourite choice is the Border Biscuits, perfect to dunk or dip on tea, or simply to eat straight out of the box. Plus, there are plenty of different flavours to choose from, so you can pick whatever you fancy!

Deep in Mummy Matters also recommends the Border Biscuits, including the Border Biscuits dark chocolate ginger and the Border Biscuits lemon drizzle. The dark chocolate biscuits have the perfect balance of sweet with a hint of spicy and the lemon drizzle biscuits are a heavenly treat!

If you want something sweet but sour, what about whipping up a quick dessert with Mrs Darlingtons Lemon Curd? Yes, you can just spoon it and enjoy it but it’s time to share with your loved ones. So, put that delicious lemon curd to good use and make a tasty dessert with it. Time with Thea published a blog post about a variety of things that you can do with this curd and I couldn’t be more excited to try these out! 

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