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Small style adjustments for winter

by luxirare

I imagine that half of the country’s female population is already following a weight loss diet this winter. The other half is on detox diets or refuses to drink even a single glass of wine. Besides all these, the stores already launched their sales season and, although we know that our cards are in overdraft, we can’t help you check out the offers. And, surprise-surprise, I come around to tell you more about clothes. I mean really, tell me to change the subject and I will. In fact, no, I won’t do it – because this is the year in which you will truly take care of your wardrobe, you will become your best-dressed version and it would be recommended for you to start this journey as soon as possible. So to say: #blessed and #startnow.

Getting back to serious business, let’s start with the part if which you take all those fuzzy, enlarged, or with holes in the armpit area pullovers and throw all of them away, recycle or donate them. Are you all done? Let’s move on to step no. 2, in which you will clean up your drawer/drawers containing socks, tights, and lingerie (while, at the same time, you throw in the trash tights with pulled threads and underwear with a loose elastic). Good, now let’s take a look at the clothes you wore less than 5 times in the past 2 years. It’s time to part with all those clothes, no matter what we are talking about. Tell them “Goodbye!” for real and let them go, irrevocable, just like you part with a bad boyfriend.

Finally, while enjoying an airier and neat wardrobe upfront, how do you think the whole “here are the clothes I will wear daily, from now on” will work? Are you up for a mini-adjustment or 3 small suggestions for this winter?

Let us start with a color. What I mean is: let us bring a colorful splash to the outfits you will wear this winter. It is a season in which you will see primary colors in many collections: bright yellow, different shades of blue, red pallets, even incandescent orange. I am not personally thrilled by blue, but yellow and red are tempting (especially when combined with grey, olive green, or camel beige). According to what you find easier to integrate into your attires, add a pullover, scarf or handkerchief, a skirt, a cardigan, a quilt, or a handbag in one of these colors.

A second suggestion: floral prints and motifs. Lately, I stopped wearing floral or vegetal motifs, although I saw everywhere floral embroideries on denim, velvet, or toile; lively floral prints on chiffon dresses, satin jackets, and ducks; or floral motifs on lace and hoodies. I am not suggesting to clog your wardrobe, collecting an entire “winter garden”. Look for one single item that you’ll be able to wear in spring as well: a romantic blouse with transparent sleeves, a midi or maxi dress over which you can wear an XXL pullover, a pullover with applied flowers that can be matched with a folded skirt or pair of jeans, a pair of boots or shoes that will wonderfully juxtapose your April attires…

Concerning the pair of pants that don’t fit you anymore, worry not. The key piece of the coming spring is the oversized dress. And when I say “oversized”, I mean huge, extremely ample, and as wide as it is possible. Which means that you still have room for a slice of cake and a glass (or more) of wine.

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