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How to Show Off Your Style at Work

by luxirare
Style at Work

Dressing for work can be a difficult game when you want to look stylish, but still be a boss in the boardroom. Take a look at these work dressing tips that will help you strike a balance in your style at work between smart and creative.


Tailoring may not be every day casual style, but you can play with it in your workplace to great effect. A great example is the workwear collection from Coast; excellent for feminine tailoring that you can’t often find on the high street. The key elements of tailored looks for the office:

  • Necklines – higher and less revealing necklines don’t have to be boring; try out a turtle, polo, or roll neck dress or blouse for an on-trend look.
  • Frills – the 70s and 80s frill look is particularly big both in haute couture, and in high street workwear collections – they provide a feminine edge to business-like fabrics.
  • Asymmetrical hemlines – to add a bit of individualistic edge to your outfit, playing with asymmetry makes you stand out in the best way.
  • Dresses – if you want an entire outfit in one, a dress is the way to go. There are so many different styles, it’s hard to look the same every day.


Workwear is all about looking polished. Show of some beautiful textures, colours and patterns with good quality fabrics in your clothes. If you like to keep your business attire simple, the most basic shaped blouses can look high-end if you choose high-quality fabrics. Steer away from cheaper, artificial fabrics like acrylic and viscose – they crease more easily than they iron.

  • Cashmere – In summer and winter, this natural fabric works well for scarves, cover ups and knitwear.
  • Silk – shirts, dresses and blouses made with silk are natural showstoppers.
  • High-quality polyester – polyester dries fast after washing, it’s lightweight and it’s all over the place.
  • Linen – the go-to in hot weather for its light, breezy feel.


Workwear presents a delicate balance between dressing for yourself, and dressing to give off a good impression. Layering with accessories like kimonos, cardigans, scarves, and jewellery can change the whole look of an outfit from plain to statement with minimal effort. Accessories are something that you can really let your style out with; a bright necklace can transform a plain dress to office soirée-ready in no time.

It may seem that office wear really restricts your creativity and your style at work, but the beauty of work wear styling is that there are ways you can really let your personality shine.


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