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Shopping during sales season

by luxirare
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What to do:

  1.  Go shopping with a list of necessities in your hand. This way, there are high chances to retain from making unnecessary purchases – you will not buy a mini sequined skirt if you know you actually need a pair of winter boots. Do you need a black cocktail dress? A suit? A new handbag? Fill the blanks in your wardrobe BEFORE purchasing duplicates or clothes you don’t really need.
  1.  Buy only the clothes with cuts capable of complimenting your figure and choose only the right size. TO avoid guessing in this sector, it is recommended to talk to a specialist in order to get useful recommendations. If you trust your eyes, don’t forget a few principles: if you have wide hips, go for flared trousers and skirts with a trapeze shape; if you have small breasts, you can wear printed tops; if you have narrow shoulders, direct your attention toward pieces with interesting necklines and collars, and so on.
  1.  Buy clothes only in the colors that look good on you. Don’t purchase a top or scarf in an unusual color, just because it’s in the trends or you don’t have anything like it. I think that we all made similar mistakes at one point – to fall in love with a clothing item that was simply not in our best color and, besides this, it also exceeded our budget, just to purchase it later on during the sales season. If you don’t know what colors suit you, do a quick test with some silver and gold jewelry. If you look better with the gold jewelry, you will look better in warm colors (orange, red, beige, kiwi green, bricky red). If you think that silver jewelry work best in your case, go for cold colors (blue, cyclam pink, emerald green). If you are not sure, choose universal colors and/or neutral colors (burgundy red, violet, gray, black, and brown).
  1.  Set a budget. It’s not too hard to go haywire and overspend, when you see discount prices everywhere you look. It’s an illusion because you will still end up spending money! I even read recently that 54% of women buy clothes out of an impulse, without actually needing them.
  1.  Leave your credit cards at home and take only cash in your pocket. It will be easier to realize just how fast you can spend your money when you’ll see it in front of your eyes.
  1.  Save all the receipts of your purchases. Even though you like a clothing item, it has a beautiful color, it has no flaws and has the right size, it is possible to change your mind once you get back home. Receipts guarantee the fact that you can return the purchased clothes within 30 days.

What not to do:

  1.  Don’t go shopping on the first day of sales season. Yes, I know that stocks are full on the first day and all sizes are available, but the cram and fuss in shops will mean that you won’t have sufficient time to take a good look at the clothes you’re trying on.
  1.  Don’t buy a clothing item just because it is on sale. If it didn’t catch your attention when it had a full price tag, it makes no sense to get it now just because it has a 20% discount. There’s a high chance you will never wear it, so you’re money will be spent for nothing.
  1.  Never buy an item without trying it on first. Even if it’s the only clothing item in your size or favorite color. What will you do if you discover that its lining is damaged or all buttons are missing?
  1.  Don’t buy clothing items that are too trendy. Think about the fact that what you’re currently buying is trendy for the season that is just about to close. Thus, there are high chances not to be able to wear these items with the same pride until next year.
  1.  Don’t buy clothes or accessories that can’t be matched with anything you already have or don’t fit in your wardrobe. If you can’t wear a clothing item tomorrow with something you already have, don’t purchase it because this will mean additional purchases (or expenses).
  1.  Don’t make compromises when it comes to size. Don’t buy clothes for when you will lose 5 kilos because this may never happen.

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