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Shop ‘Till You Drop In Singapore

by luxirare

Singapore may have been a modest fishing village as little as fifty years ago but, oh, how things have changed. Now, this travel hub has become something of a millionaire’s playground, housing as it does a population half consisting of the world’s richest 10%

This, paired with iconic sights like Merlion, has led to an undeniable tourist boom. Visitors are  often amazed by the cultural diversification on display during their stay, mostly thanks to progressive tax structures and affordable housing, as can be seen from most resale HDB listings. And, the benefits of a trip here don’t end there. 

Singapore shopping is also famous worldwide, and any fashionista is guaranteed to find plenty to keep themselves occupied. Whether you’re looking for Singapore keepsakes, or want to stock your wardrobe, continue reading to find out what your shopping itinerary should look like during a stay here. 

Day 1: Make time for those monster malls

There are 103 shopping malls throughout Singapore, so there’s no way you’re going to tackle them all. Marina Bay Sands is perhaps the most iconic of these, and the integrated resort offers luxury shopping you won’t forget in a hurry. OUE Downtown and ION Orchard are both equally loved, and they each provide iconic architecture and as many as 300+ luxury retail units, including Top Shop, Sephora, and more. Bear in mind that, with this many shops on offer, you will need to be picky to master monster malls in one day. So, do your research ahead of time, and select the mall that most meets your shopping tastes!

Day 2: Head to fashion central

Singapore malls may have plenty to keep fashion lovers happy, but they’re not a patch on the artisan boutiques also on offer in this stunning country. This is, after all, home to some of the best and most progressive fashion designers worldwide. Some names you’ll want to look out for include Naiise, nana & bird, and Kapok NDC, among others. Bear in mind that each of these boutiques can be reasonably far apart, so again make sure you’re clear on your boutique route to make the most of your time!

Day 3: Look for hidden gems

There’s nothing secretive about the majority of Singapore shopping, especially with those malls punctuating the skyline. Yet, the country also offers some fantastic hidden gem shopping opps if you take the time to look for them. The cultural districts like Katong, China Town, and Kampong Glam, in particular, offer some striking hidden finds indeed. Even better, a trip to any one of these is guaranteed to see you stocking up on authentic Singapore goodies unlike anything seen in the mainstream. 

Honestly, you could do with more than three days to enjoy the shopping Singapore has to offer, but this quick-fire guide could be ideal for a short stay or a speedy chance to fit everything in. One thing’s sure; you’re guaranteed to find some pieces in these locations that you treasure for a long, long time.

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