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The shirts every man should own

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If you see the wardrobe of a man boring, especially when it comes to formal apparels, then do know that things are not as dull as you may think. The dress shirt and tie are two elements that allow a man to play in a creative manner with his appearance, inventing and reinventing himself for every event where his presence was requested. In case you don’t know what kind of shirts to have in your wardrobe, the following lines will turn out to be extremely useful, as you will find out what shirts every men should own.

 The white shirt

The white shirt is a classic piece that must be present in your closet at all times. It is the kind of shirt that can be combined with any kind of suit, the shirt that will save you when you have no idea what to dress with or when you want to look sharp and formal with minimum effort. So, don’t hesitate to get at least one, if not several, white shirts, simply due to the fact that you can wear it with any suit or ties, you may own already.

 The shirt in a pale color

Another safe choice is, besides the white shirt, the shirt that comes in a pale color. Back in the days, pale blue shirts were quite popular, and they still work very well these days as well, but do bear in mind that rules about men apparel became more permissive today, so you can try other pale colors for your shirts if you want. For example, if you have the right suit and tie to pair them with, you can easily opt for a pale lavender shirt, pale pink, or even yellow or cream. But, in case you don’t think that you look good in colors, the pale blue shirt will represent a safe decision. It is also worth mentioning that the pale colored shirt will make you look elegant, but will give you a casual note as well if you want to take things down a notch.

The grey shirt

There are probably very few men out there that actually own a grey shirt. It is one of the shirts that have been forgotten by men, although it is a shirt that is very easy to wear, in spite of its color that may look complicated to combine with other pieces in your wardrobe. What you should have in mind about the grey shirt is that it goes great with suits and ties in neutral colors, any neutral color that is. Also, invest in a high-quality grey shirt, like one made out of chambray, so that it won’t start looking dull after a few wears and washes.

The striped shirt

It is not complicated at all to wear a striped shirt, this is why it is listed among the shirts thirts every man should own. But, even so, you could use some tips on how to use this shirt to look flawless. For instance, when picking the color of this shirt, you can either think about the colors previously mentioned or consider the colors of the suits and ties you already own. This way it will be easier to find the right combination when wearing such a shirt.

The checkered shirt

The checkered shirt is definitely a must-have in the wardrobe of every man out there because, in spite of looking rather colorful and hard to assort with other clothing items, it is a shirt that gives you the chance to show the world your personal style. It doesn’t matter what kind of check pattern you choose because any patter will be just perfect if you bring the right colors together. Use the pieces of advice offered for the striped shirt when it comes to choosing the ideal color in your case and let your personality shine.

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