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Shiply: Easy and low cost car delivery

by luxirare
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There are several situations where you might need a car courier. It might be that you’ve just bought a car online from a far away seller, be it from a car dealer or a previous owner like eBay or Gumtree. It might be that you’ve been given a car from a family member but don’t have time to retrieve it and drive it home yourself.

Whatever the reason, Shiply can help you to find the right transporter for your needs, by following these easy steps:

  1. Make a free listing on Shiply
    Use the form to input details about the vehicle including the make, model and photos (if you have any). If the vehicle is listed on eBay just copy and paste the eBay listing number into the form on Shiply and the information fields will populate automatically.
    Top tip: the more flexible you are with dates, the higher your chance of a lower price. 
  2. Wait for your free quotes
    Give transport providers time to take a look at your listing and quote accurately. You should receive at least 3 quotes to choose between before making a decision.
    Top tip: leave your listing active for over 24 hours to get even lower prices. 
  3. Choose a provider
    Once you’ve received a few quotes, take a look at the profiles of each transport provider which show their deliveries and feedback left by previous customers to help you decide which one to choose. Once you’ve decided, accept the quote officially on Shiply and pay your deposit.
    Top tip: some transport companies may ask you further questions about the vehicle via the on-site messaging system to help them quote accurately so try and reply as quickly as you can. You can reply in the same way or ask them your own questions if you need to. 
  4. Communicate
    Keep in touch with your chosen provider during the lead up to you delivery date and make sure you inform them of any changes that may have occurred since your original listing, like the date or time of the scheduled delivery.
    Top tip: use the Shiply messaging system to ask transport providers any further questions you might have like whether they offer any additional services. 
  5. Prepare for your delivery
    As the delivery date approaches, make sure you’ve got all the last minute details understood like whether it’ll be you or somebody else that is going to be receiving the vehicle on delivery and checking the vehicle, and be sure to let the transport providers know of any further information that might be helpful.
    Top tip: If you live on a road that might be difficult for parking or if you know of a local event that might affect them, let the transport provider know so that all runs as smoothly as it can on the day. 
  6. Give feedback
    After the delivery, it’s important to leave feedback about your chosen transport provider to let others know about your experience with them. This will help future customers make a more informed decision when it’s their turn to make their choice.  
    Top tip: be as detailed as you can when giving feedback. Did the transport provider communicate well? Did they go the extra mile or provide a particularly good-value service?

Make your listing now to receive free quotes for your vehicle transport – just visit https://www.shiply.com/vehicle-delivery/ to get started.

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