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Sangria Soda

by luxirare

This sangria was part of another recipe I was about to post, I always like to add a drink with a meal in my post, otherwise it feels so incomplete, but since there are so many photos here I just had to divide and conquer. The situation with Sangria is similar to making a fantastic meal out of leftovers. Definitely use some cheap red wine, but make sure to add some fresh fruit. Everyone has their own way of doing Sangria and that’s the beauty of this, there is no ‘must’ here. Using pricey wine for Sangria is not a shrewd move, anything over £10 a bottle for this and you’re just being excessive. The whole idea is to mask the cheapness here with other flavors you know?

Today I am adding a little twist by making it super carbonated. I tried using Poland Spring, but I’m so greedy!! I just want tons of bubbly, almost to the point where it’s painful. There were also some people on instagram curious about my recipe, well here it is, I do have some little tricks up my sleeve for some Sangria you and your buddies will love (I hope so at least!!). Not an exact recipe at all, but all you need to know is what ingredients I’m using and you can play it by ear, match it to your taste buds.


Above you’ll see one of my favorite things to add for Sangria is not only some Orange juice, but some Peach Schnapps. Also, you can ignore the Poland Spring, because I found a better way to add concentrated fizz. For extra flavor I am also using crushed fresh pomegranate, and some uncrushed for the Sangria…

I’m just using a cylindrical vase for presentation, it’s used for candles but you and I can make our own rules.


Sliced orange, green apple, fuji apple, lemon and even some lime.


And don’t forget Pomegranate, along with some fresh mint. Don’t bother chopping, just throw it in.

Sliced grapes too! Green and purple.


This is annoying, but I think it’s worth it. After the Sangria is fully prepped, let it sit for a day. (This is misleading because the sparkles are supposed to be added after the Sangria sits a day, at least 12 hours if you can’t wait a day..but ignore my photo-order here.) If you let it sit you’ll be able to taste all the fruits better. And now, instead of the Poland Spring, just use a 1 cup of water with this Sodastream device, 3 pulls adds enough fizz but I want it to be kind of painful, so I added 6. Technically you’re not allow to do this but this is for a lot of Sangria. I don’t want to water down this Sangria either. You could add Lambrusco, but I think Lambrusco is great on it’s own, why give it away to Sangria? And someone suggested I add the wine directly to the Sodastream, that is the best idea, but pre-mixed juices aren’t allowed, you have to use water. But who knows what you can get away with.  I tried the starter pack they give you with this, with their own sweetened soda syrups you add to the carbonated water. Those are really awful.


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