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Review – Yardley Polaire Set

by luxirare
Yardley Polaire

Yardley Polaire is seductive, sensuous and very beautiful. It is not too sweet but a ravishingly lovely scent. Whereas in the past the company focused on more mature single note scents, Yardley Polaire is a rather glamorous mix of pear, freesia, rose, ginger, pink pepper, amber and patchouli.

Polaire is introduced with a delicate art deco box. The glass bottle with Diamond like lid is really lovely, simple and pretty. Looks so good on my dressing table.I find that all of the fragrances from Yardley are quality for their amazing price. I cannot imagine how they manage to keep the prices so reasonable. This scent is so cheap but the price tag does not reflect the absolute beauty and quality of this perfume.

The body lotion is quick absorbing and a nice way to layer your fragrance for longevity.

If I were to compare it to a fragrance house, I would say that’s remarkably similar to Penhaligon’s Iris Prima. Initially  Yardley Polaire opens with an attractive pear note, not the sort of sweet fruity pear, but one which is shy and hides behind the freesia. It develops into to a heart of rose and although there is pepper and ginger, I wouldn’t describe this as a spicy perfume. The base is a wonderful mix of sweet vanilla and patch which is toned down by the woodyness of the resins. I’m astounded that this scent is so cheap because the price tag does not reflect the absolute beauty and quality of this perfume. Thoroughly lovely, classy and refined experience, Yardley Polaire I would say is more of a skin scent or something one would wear when ‘loud’ is not on the agenda for the day.

Women and girls of all ages will love this fragrance. Ladies take a look at the notes and give this baby a chance because it’s ravishing!

Have you tried any Yardley perfumes?

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