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Review – Robert Piguet Fracas Eau de Parfum

by luxirare

In a world in which Guerlain Mitsouko is considered a reference for chypre perfumes and Chanel No.5 reference for aldehydic-floral perfumes, Robert Piguet Fracas is the supreme reference of the tuberose. A classic composition, easily poured over a tuberose base, with an ostentatious and powerful personality. Powerful and slightly vulgar, but incredibly convincing.

Robert Piguet Fracas is a notorious perfume and a symbol of elegant and classic tuberose over the years, from its launch back in 1948. It offers floral clues of jasmine and lily and a lot of oak, amber, exotic fruits, green notes, and bergamot accents that disorient themselves in a sort of floral mélange. It is a creamy and consistent women’s perfume, modern and a bit synthetic.

The opening of the Robert Piguet Fracas perfume is consistent and delicious. The orange flower together with citric mandarin accents precedes the green notes and creamy feast of the peach fixed with bergamot and hyacinth nectar, like in an attempt to create the perfect environment for the opening of the floral heart. While the first part of the perfume offers an extreme, feminine, and delicate character, the base is carnal, synthesized through brutal accents of sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and lichens, with a slight touch of amber, which closes this episodic olfactory journey. Combined, these notes offer an exceptional wake and projection, proving a span of up to nine hours.

A profound floral central trepidation barely dominates the tuberose surrounded by sparkles of different flowers, peaking with an amber finish bathed in a sweetness oozing on a moss and vetiver background. Thus, Robert Piguet Fracas becomes a day perfume, intense and visceral. It manages to transmit elegance specific to 1948 through an excellent updating of the tuberose. It becomes creamy, kinetic and self-assured with every pulverizing. And, although powerful perfumes are often rejected because of the intense tuberose note, like Dior Poison or Givenchy Amarige, Robert Pique Fracas succeeds in maintaining itself balanced from start to end.

Robert Piguet Fracas is not just a perfume that tags skin with a refined aroma; it is a melody or film that plays around you and attracts you. The original creation concept of Germaine Cellier indicates the image of a present, attractive, complicated, and elegant woman. The wake is intense yet delicate as a veil. Classic and avant-garde, it manages to synthesize intensity in a subtle, versatile, and contemporary manner.

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