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Review – Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette | Penhaligon’s

by luxirare
Orange Blossom

This perfume leaves me stunned and confused. I have two theories so far, but it’s possible I’ll create another one. The first version is that Orange Blossom by Penhaligon’s seems to be a spicy-woody perfume, needing to stretch your nose through its bush so that you can actually feel the much-promised orange blossom. I would rather call it Piquant Blossom – because it permanently has something vague and indefinite, not being a sole-flower at all.

The second version is that I have under my nose, after all, a sole-flower  (I told you that this perfume disorients my senses and I believe that you will end up just as confused once I will be done with this description ), but it is a special sole-flower, with the most special orange blossom ever, one with an Oscar-awarded performance witch acts in a movie with several characters and not because of a poor budget or inspiration, but because it is under the production of Duchaufour.

Because I feel a white-floral tone from one end to another (I march on that idea that it is it, the orange blossom), but it automatically makes me forget the actor and follow the character instead. Pretty much like Meryl Streep manages to do.

In its debut, the orange blossom loses itself so much in the performance of a citric that I don’t even think that it’s a flower, the crispy-juicy allusions being very real. Then the perfume slides into a soft bitterness, without excesses, but the change is still pretty dramatic. Here, the main flower goes through a phase full of events, the green-bitter tones like viola leaves are like an attempt to curb its colossal-creamy sensuality (twin with one of the jasmines per say), and at one point, also in the middle part of the composition, it feels like its older sister, the tuberose, flashes through the frame. But, it is a fugitive apparition that only marks the “white” genre of the movie.

But the best things about this perfume happen in the interval when our orange blossom stats to get spicy facets, becoming soft and hot at the same time. This special thing can be felt after approximately a half an hour after applying it on your skin (not that it isn’t interesting up to this point, but…) and I like it both on the skin and on my wool pullover as well, a material with which the perfume entwines perfectly, as far as I can see.

Toward the end, its story perfected by some woody notes and a bit of fluffy musk, like a soft bed in which the white duchess will retreat at the end of the day. The orange blossom takes its well-deserved Oscar dressed in an haute-couture vanilla-colored dress, about which the critics say that it is the most unique appearance recently on the red carpet. In conclusion, the Orange Blossom by Penhaligon’s is a perfume that puts in a bright new light the most hidden folds of the orange blossom and it shouldn’t be missed!

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