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Review – Olympea Eau De Parfum | Paco Rabanne

by luxirare
Olympea Eau De Parfum

The bottle of Olympea Eau De Parfum looks like a more stylish Cartier Panthère, the Parfum version, doesn’t it? Olympea Eau De Parfum is not a gourmand and frivolous perfume like many other recent perfumes and, in all cases, it seems to me that Paco Rabanne evolved a lot recently considering everything it launched since Lady Million. The most interesting part of Olympea Eau De Parfum is that instead of marching on a homogeneous opening, it chooses a sweet-salty contrast, creating a very surprising textured effect. It’s bad fortune, if you ask me, is the fact that this effect disappears after roughly 20 minutes, the salty smell melting in an uncertain floral scent, which is sweetened by the predictable dose of vanilla.

The perfume would have been a novelty if its creator would have maintained the cool, marine-breeze-like breath dotted by flowers, but the temptation of adding something sweet on top of anything is, apparently, very big. A coincidence pushed me to try, once again after a very long break, Womanity and, to my surprise, a notice a bit of resemblance between the two, although W gets on top of the organic-salty matter faster and stronger. Womanity is a special case, it tried something when it appeared, it provoked, it has a unique smell, but, unfortunately, it didn’t have as much success as it was expected. From this perfume on, I rarely smelled other mainstream perfumes that caused strong rejection or admiration reactions.

Olympea Eau De Parfum had high chances to become the new pillar, but it lacked the courage to continue. Some new designer perfumes give me the impression that there might be something great about them. But, as I follow their evolution I realise that, in most cases, their most interesting part is in their peak stage, just to become later on, more or less, all the same, and predictable. Therefore, I can’t get out this question out of my head: after all, who is lacking the courage, them or us? Conclusion: Olympea Eau De Parfum is a seashore dessert, savoured inside a hotel with all windows shut.

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