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Review – Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian perfume

by luxirare
Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian perfume,Moonlight in Heaven Kilian

Batman & Robin, Bonnie & Clyde, Vodka & Tonic…Kilian & Calice Becker. The two remain a famous and forceful team, unbeatable and unstoppable, and the resulting perfumes become if not adored all the same, at least controversial. Not one of them left me indifferent, and that’s a fact. This is also a spicy ingredient of success.

With the new Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian it appears that they decided to glorify, more generously than they did with the peachy Liaisons Dangereuse, the olfactory group of fruity perfumes, with a note cast that is at least eclectic and a saturated blue, like the sky’s roof that marks the nocturnal theme of this story.

Having mango in the first stage, but according to the way it appears in this perfume, I don’t remember smelling too many of this kind. When it comes to other perfumes, it was too well mixed with other ingredients or maybe too artificial to recognize it. And maybe I would have still enjoyed Manguier Metisse in a great deal, having strong doubts that others can come along and, as it is noticeable, can come up with something amazing made out of this note. So the fruit is okay, it is authentic mango fruit, regardless if it is a synthetic or natural note, I really don’t care, the point is that it conjures precisely this exotic fruit. And to prevent it to stand there all by itself, Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian received a few satellite notes, all of them softer when it comes to intensity, but which contribute to the creation of a pleasant constellation of flavors.

I don’t know how rice smells (?!) and what is its contribution, but I can guarantee the presence of coconut milk (not the sweet flakes – like Raffaello, it seems that it another kind, Comptoir Sud Pacifique perhaps), grapefruit, and something vague, a shadow of tonka… The pepper and vetiver are stellar dust, in comparison with the mango note, which is as big as Jupiter. Thus, the perfume starts and remains a fruity-flavoured one, not sliding towards a lemonade and nor towards being too gourmand. Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian is somewhere in the middle, just right to be a perfume for sunny days rather than paradisiacal  nights with a full moon.

Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian has a somewhat fragile swirl, but with a satisfying longevity for a perfume that has a rich fruits menu. Concerning the forecasts, considering that it has a trendy theme, it has high chances to be appreciated by many and even if it won’t manage to become a smacking success, at least I think that it will enjoy a lot of favorable comparisons.

Moonlight in Heaven By Kilian perfume, Moonlight in Heaven Kilian


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