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Review – BareFaced Vibra-Sonic™ | Magnitone

by luxirare
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If you are familiar with the Magnitone brand, then it will be a pleasure to announce that the company just released a limited edition of their best product, the Vibra-Sonic™ Facial Cleansing Brush, to be offered as the perfect Christmas gift. For those of you who haven’t tried it, you should definitely give it a try, if you enjoy a salon-quality facial cleansing and a radiant skin on an everyday basis. Getting back to our amazing cleaning brush, the limited edition series are available in shimmering rose gold or serenity blue, making its use a real pleasure. But color and its modern aspect should not be the only reasons for getting this product and offering it as a gift. It uses the latest technology and provides exceptional results for a product that was made for at-home use.

In case you have a special lady in your life whose natural beauty you want to protect, putting Magnitone  BareFaced Vibra-Sonic™ Daily Cleansing Brush wrapped nicely under the Christmas tree is more than perfect. The product is extremely easy and comfortable to use, and will soon become part of her daily routine. She will definitely love the bright, soft, and plump looking skin provided by the constant use of the product. The secret of the product’s efficiency lies in a technology that combines the power of sonic oscillations with pulsed vibrations, for a gentle but extremely precise facial cleansing. So, besides unclogging the pores and removing dead skin cells, the skin will also enjoy a welcome massage and tonic actions that will preserve its health and natural elasticity.

So no, it’s not just a cleaning brush, but a product that works toward enhancing micro-circulation in the skin’s layers that will immediately improve its appearance. A great circulation in the skin means more oxygen and nutrients for skin cell renewal, therefore explaining the rejuvenating aspect the skin gets after using this product for a while. You should also not worry about over-using it, as it has a timer letting you know when the cleansing and massage session is over. This was made for increased convenience and comfort so that you won’t keep an eye on the clock while using the product. So, it may be time to start enjoying unclogged pores and a face cleansed just like in beauty salons, but without making one step outside your comfy house.

It is also worth mentioning that the Magnitone BareFaced Vibra-Sonic™ Daily Cleansing Brush with Stimulator Brush Head Limited Edition comes with a wireless USB travel charger, and a travel bag, so you can take it with you no matter where you go. It is waterproof and very easy to clean, so you won’t have any troubles managing this aspect. If you haven’t found the perfect Christmas gift just yet, now you have the best candidate for this position for this year’s winter holidays. So make sure you grab one yourself before they’re all gone.


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