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Review – Joy by Dior Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

by luxirare
Joy by Dior, Dior, Joy by Dior Christian Dior

Joy by Dior Christian Dior – an ambitious, large house project. The first “pillar fragrance” after a series of flankers/exhibitions that were less enchanting, which emerged during the past years. The budget is there, not to mention creativity/artistic thinking. On 30 Avenue Montaigne, there’s an avant-garde way of thinking. The market, numbers, they are all analysed, but above all the tradition of the brand is preserved, so a pure and elegant line is searched, which can be mixed with the actual tendencies.

Now, the perfume idea was of one that is capable of changing the Earth’s axe, something new that has the power, before everything else, to soften our knees, to even give us a first impulse of rejecting it, while knowing that we will have to deal with insomnia if we don’t get it the next day. A perfume that, personally, makes me notice that something is moving inside of me, at least by increasing my attention degree towards it, each time I take a whiff of it. That unless it is even capable of transferring me in a dream-like decor; in one word, it is a perfume capable of bringing in a new breath, which intrigues, precisely because it is genuinely “NEW”, capable of triggering a challenge and that out of stubbornness it won’t let go until it will make you walk out of the perfumery with a bottle nicely wrapped in a Dior bag.

It is a perfume that will elongate the neck of the entourage, leading to hilarious or dramatic situations, according to the case. And let us not disregard the aspect of the bottle, for which at least one designer with the education of Serge Mansau made possible a gorgeous and superb matrix, a piece of jewelry, easy to warm in your cupped hand or to admire on your makeup table. A new perfume that exists just like this, in this form, without previous seasonal flankeristic adjustments. It’s just it and none is related to it. It is lonely. Lonely glory.

Joy by Dior glows just because it is unique and good. And everybody, literally everybody applauds its appearance,  even those that turned their back on the Dior hours after the slaughter of 2012, which means the first reformulation of Addict. A composition that redeems happiness through its joyful notes – yes, common, but so cleverly brought together that it is really disturbing. Not sweet at all (Halleluya!), filled with bright tonalities like a sunny summer morning and a savage santalic twist that triggers unsuspected sensations. All of these I would have loved to say about the new Joy by Dior Christian Dior, but the reality is different.

“Let us dwell in our comfort area” appears to be the continuous motto of the company’s management. I am sure that because it is so wearable (it is definitely wearable, as it is a nice and stable perfume, it lasts okay) it will be sold well, it’s just that… well, it seems to me that it smells like a spring flanker, something in a limited edition of Miss Dior, I don’t even know them, and it doesn’t even matter.

Joy by Dior is a very fine and musky floral. On me it doesn’t feel sour, as it doesn’t have juice and light, it’s just clear floral, uncertain flowers (I understood that a “smoothing out” of contrasts was desired, for a “blurry floral effect”), now I am not sure, perhaps I am smelling this miracle of “olfactory” filters. It appears like it doesn’t have a proper end, in fact, not even set on a path that will take it on the same road as Poison and Addict. But it’s safe and easy to sell. What I feel on my skin is precisely the smell of a pink mohair cardigan, knitted by my grandma, which means the plastic of her knitting needles and hand cream.

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