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Review – Jack + Jackie Ineke perfume

by luxirare

I came to it for the vanilla, but I left unsweetened, yet glowing. A trickster and versatile Jack + Jackie is a perfume that goes out of the ordinary quotidian olfactory register, as it is inspired by the Jack and Jackie Kennedy couple. More precisely by the favorite drink at the White House, back in those days, which was the Cuban cocktail Daiquiri. The drink became popular in the 40s and 50s in the US, due to the American fascination for the tropical climate, for everything that looked, sounded, and tasted exotic. You would have it at parties, on the beach, at the pool, in the bedroom, at work, on the plane, anywhere.

Hemingway, who perfected the recipe we all know today, used to throw down the neck no less than 15 shots of frozen Daiquiri at once, during his epic drinking sessions, while Kennedy used to sip slow and tactful this drink, waiting to beat Nixon during the elections. The Jack + Jackie perfume opens with an alcoholic blast, which initially makes you feel like the perfume is “outdated”, or that the perfume has a defect or my nose is broken. But no, the alcohol evaporates faster than I can say Ineke and a fresh aromatic perfume starts unraveling to me, of which I can start guessing some sweet under layers. 

The debut is fresh, smelling like grated green peel, but, since we are not talking about a mere lemonade and nor about a preponderantly citric perfume, the composition gets completed by a flavorful melange of woody-vanilla notes, at a level that makes me think about other famous vanillas of the same family, Vanille Insensée Atelier Cologne, and The Architects Club Arquiste. We are talking here about modern vanillas, which got tired of being gourmands and decided to adopt a rebel lifestyle, eloping to coniferous forests, lead a free life out in nature, in aromatic bushes, until they become, at one point, just like Jack + Jackie, special vanillas, taken away from their regular and worn out context, soft, with sawdust traces. 

So, contrary to what the olfactive pyramid promises, the perfume is not gourmand at all. It has some sweet sides, but they are insignificant in comparison with the gourmand delicacies with which we are accustomed. It is a unisex perfume, slightly boozy, cool in its debut, constantly refreshed by lime and woody vanilla that ran away from the deserts list. After all, what more do you need in the summer?

Classic Daiquiri cocktail recipe:

* 45 ml white rum;

* 20 ml lime juice;

* 10 ml organic brown sugar syrup;

* 1 slice of lime or lemon for decor.


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