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Review – Amouage – Gold Woman eau de parfum

by luxirare
AMOUAGE - Gold Woman eau de parfum,Amouage, Amouage Gold

Gold Woman Eau de Parfum by Amouage is a seductive perfume, not made to be worn day by day, but to be used in those moments when you need to feel special, feminine and mysterious. I discovered that it works best with feminine attires and chili evenings, when the cool air around you will allow an invisible mist to surround you, without being heavy to breath. I have to admit that you need to have the right attitude to wear this perfume, as this is not your everyday fresh perfume.

Rose, one of the base notes of the perfume, will not react well with the skin and personality of every woman. It’s not that you don’t have what it takes to wear the perfume, as it is more a connection between your style and the entire composition of Gold Woman Eau de Parfum by Amouage. Some may consider it old and heavy, while others will see it as elegant and warm, so it depends very much on the feelings that are stirred inside of you when you feel the scent of this perfume.

Personally, I love the musk and woody scents that remain behind once the top notes did their job, and the suave middle notes of jasmine, orris and myrrh are slowly fading away. It is like revealing the strong character of a woman that knows what she wants. After the first smiles and suave glances are changed between you and your partner, after the petals of the rose fade away, what remains is who you really are, and that is an independent woman. This is how I see this perfume translated. This is why I love it and this is why I wear it when I need something provocative, but not in an ostentatious manner, as it would be more of a personal challenge that will remind me how to behave as a woman that respects herself.

Gold Woman Eau de Parfum by Amouage is definitely a perfume to add to your collection. But, again, beware, as it is not a perfume that can be worn by anyone and anywhere. You need to make contact with it first and see what it will transmit. Do not be disappointed if you don’t like it at first, because you may be in the wrong mood or will need some time to understand it. It is a perfume with a full body and personality, so it may require time to be digested by all your senses.

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