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Review – Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet

by luxirare
Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet, Gardenia Robert Piguet

Launching another white flower perfume – Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet, under the same roof with the great tuberose-enthusiastic Fracas requires courage that can be equal to madness. But the CEO Piquet probably didn’t lose any sleep knowing that the great deed is in the hands of the talented Guichard, the perfumer responsible for the fact that, today, Piguet is a brand that is “IN” more than ever.

Although it was possible to anticipate a “wow” factor, the result was, in my case, quite a surprise, out of a variety of points of view. If I were to choose Fracas as a white-floral reference, Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet, on the other hand, doesn’t shake the world of perfumery out of its bases, it is not a daredevil and provocative perfume, it doesn’t divide the parties and maybe because of this it will never enter the books of the perfume’s history as much as Fracas. In addition, not being so inciting and oppressive it is easy to wear and foldable on a wider variety of tastes.

It is the good guy, the positive character in this story. If Fracas is the Evil Queen, a cool one, just like Ravena from “Snow White and The Huntsman”, Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet is no one else but Snow White itself (the warrior version depicted by Rupert Sanders, and not the one from the original fairy tale). But, do allow me to give it a little credit. Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet is a perfume that revealed to me in time, after a few times of wearing it. At first, I bemoaned its fate, considering it a generic perfume, because, being used with the notorious Fracas and Visa, I searched in it that authentic Pinguetian sparkle. Still, when it comes to this perfume, I got nowhere close to this.

The opening of Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet is of a heartbreaking softness. Without a doubt it is a uniform, smooth, creamy floral, with soothing notes, lacking any sharpness and roughness, a flower bouquet… but without leaves… flowers… without a name, nothing is certain within the first moments apart from the fact that it appears to be immaculate and filled with devoutness. But it is the suspect kind of unobtrusiveness because, in time, the perfume empowers from underneath its multiple folds and petals, and a sweet-vanilla whiff catches contour, which is more than inviting. Vanilla, or whatever it may be, puts this perfume in the vast area of sensual and creamy floral perfumes and not at all in the area of white flowers, regardless if they are pure or erotic.

To make myself clear, I cannot feel the lily, it is not that à la Cartier crystalline lily and not the stately, funerary, creamy lily you find in many others, and I definitely can’t feel any gardenia either. And believe me, I do know my gardenia. To crown all, the perfume doesn’t appear to be a simple one, on the contrary, it is round and complete. It is clean, wearable, feminine, for the daytime, managing to stay away from being a whimsical niche or a niche that, for the sake of sales, slides into the mainstream. And Piguet avoids falling into mannerism as well, offering another neurotic-erotic floral perfume.

Gardenia eau de parfum by Robert Piguet comes clean with its fresh, sweet, and floral smell, and by having something personal, unique. I could never mistake this one for another. And just like this, the perfume is a happy ending story about an anonymous floral mélange, a rather linear perfume if I think about the fact that the only surprise coming from this perfume is the sweet note that comes out in time, which may be synthetic, who knows, but what isn’t synthetic these days? And why should this bother me if the perfume is convincing, after all, when I wear it? It’s not what it seems, but I like it. I think I`ve got a crush on you, sweetie pie.

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