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Review – Foreo – LUNA™ 2 for Normal Skin

by luxirare

If you have the feeling that your face is never properly cleaned, at least not the way you have it cleaned in a professional beauty salon, it may be the right time to learn about Foreo LUNA 2. This is a device developed not just for cleaning your face, but also for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, through soft massaging. This device is made to be hand held with ease, using small and soft silicone protuberances that are meant to clean and massage your face gently and efficiently.

How does it work? It uses T-sonic pulsations to clean the face and massage it, not having removable heads, but two difference sides that will perform each operation. The silicone protuberance part, will clean your face, while the other half is an anti-aging surface that will gently massage the areas that are prone to developing wrinkles. The pulsations transmitted by the device throughout the surface of the skin will do much more than just clean, as they will also remove dead skin cells, unclog your pores by removing the accumulated dirt and oil, and makeup debris, leaving the skin clean and radiant.

If you ever used an electronic cleaning device that had a removable brush head, you should know that the Foreo LUNA 2 will manage to surprise you in a way you will not expect. A brush head will have to be periodically changed, because it builds up bacteria, something you won’t have to do with Foreo LUNA 2. Also, because the bristles of the brush are rather long, the pulsations emitted by the device are somewhat lost, not reaching the skin’s surface properly. Because Foreo LUNA 2 has small silicone bristles, the pulsations are better felt, also managing to do their job as they should.

A Foreo LUNA 2 device is extremely easy to maintain, being very convenient when it comes to cleaning and economical as well, as you won’t have any parts to change. Because nothing comes apart, the device will not allow bacteria to build up, just like the case of the space under the brush head, present in cleaning devices that have removable brush heads. Also, the silicone is nonporous, so nothing will stick to it, making it easy to clean and disinfect.

So does it actually do anything? Yes! My skin feels SO much softer and smooth since I started using it. I’ve noticed that my moisturisers absorb into my skin a lot quicker as well and foundations go on a lot smoother. It is clear I’m in love. The LUNA 2 is definitely a game changer in my skin care routine.



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