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Review – Escentric Molecules 03 collection

by luxirare
Escentric Molecules 03

If you think that most perfumes are either too sweet, too oriental, or smelling too universal, like they were made to satisfy masses, you need to try one that will underline your individuality. And if you like innovative things, appreciating the use of science and technology to make life better, you are going to like this brand even more. Today, we are going to talk about the Escentric Molecules 03 collection, which includes two perfumes with the same root. One is a formula and the other is a pure molecule, both of them being obtained by entwining the wonders of nature with the wonders of science.

The two perfumes Escentric Molecules 03 of this collection both contain Vetiveryl Acetate, being a way to celebrate the discovery of this hybrid molecule. How can a perfume molecule be a hybrid? The hybrid was created taking a fraction of vetiver oil, which is obtain from the roots of Indian grass through distillation, and crossing it with acetic acid. Now, the vetiver oil is a natural compound, while the acetic acid is a pure synthetic substance.

The reason of this combination was to obtain a vetiver essence without its usual bitter and leathery fragrance. The result is a soft and smooth fragrance, which feels grassy and woody, instead of bitter. The Escentric Molecules 03 is the perfume that contains this Vetiveryl Acetate pure form, without being mixed with anything else. If you enjoy the wild scent of a wet forest after a thunderstorm, you may very well enjoy this.

The Escentric Molecules 03, which is the other perfume of this collection, on the other hand, is more complex. It also contains the Vetiveryl Acetate, but together with other ingredients as well, which makes it a bit more sophisticated. Besides vetiver, orris and ginger are also used, the name 03 coming from these three roots that compose the base of the perfume. In case you are not familiar with orris, you should know that it is extracted from the roots of Florentine iris.

So, how does this perfume feel on the skin? It feels green and vibrant, with spicy notes of lime peel and green peppercorn, all these accents being felt right after applying the perfume on the skin. Next, soft breezes of jasmine, orris and tea notes will surround you, the final notes being woody, just like a hot night spent in a rain forest. Cedar, sandalwood, musk, and mellow balsams will stay with you like an aura for the remaining of the day.

Any of these two perfumes can be worn by men and women alike, if you have some molecules in your body to vibrate after sensing the scent of the perfume. I believe you need to have something raw, something wild, and something that still belongs to Mother Nature in your being, in order to have what it takes to understand these perfumes. If not, it may seem like an odd combination that appears to be taken from a story you have heard about yet. But if you do connect with it, it will bring out your refined side, that “je ne sais quoi” which makes so mysterious and irresistible.


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