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Review – Don Eau de Parfum by Xerjoff – Join the Club

by luxirare
Don Eau de Parfum by Xerjoff,Don Eau de Parfum , Xerjoff

I am certain that if its name wouldn’t have been Don Eau de Parfum by Xerjoff, I wouldn’t have thought about the Italian mob, but let us not underestimate the power of autosuggestion. Sensing the notes and correlating them with the name, now I cannot help myself seeing the scenario well staged by Chris Maurice. A sort of olfactive remake of The Godfather? It could be. Anyways, out of the tenderer world of available essences these days, the perfumer selected the necessary in order to conjure an illicit atmosphere.

Don Eau de Parfum by Xerjoff smells dangerous, eccentric, masculine, and unrelenting! Flavorful and with woody-grassy tint, in the beginning, it gives me some Wardasina flashbacks and it can be clearly noticed that they belong to the same clan. Somewhere beneath the rough scale, I can sense some Dionysiac allusions, met in Frapin as well, but everything here is sunk in an aura of profound mystery and it doesn’t appear in having just one single epic line, but at least two.

On one hand, you can consider it a very large woody perfume, in which although the oud is not mentioned it definitely pools the strings from behind, the rest of the notes being its marionettes. But Don Eau de Parfum by Xerjoff could be easily introduced on the list of sadistic aromatics as well. So, just look how four notes stated in a bold manner can trigger, in the end, a powerful, hallucinatory, and complex impact. I like the base the most, the showdown is a sweet mix full of balsamic nuances, honey-like, and with that metallic tinge of gunpowder from Amour Nocturne L`Artisan. In the end, you get as a reward a glazed praline with a lot of sugar, which you take it straight out of the barrel of a still smoking Tommy Gun.

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