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Review – Cruel Gardenia Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

by luxirare
Cruel Gardenia

I believe that when I wanted to find gardenia if I were to discover Cruel Gardenia by Guerlain before others, I would have dropped my entire search. But, I managed to test it long after I started my incursion in the white land of gardenia. I’ve set, right from the start, a purpose, and that was to find a soft and creamy gardenia, with a clean soap scent, a huge, pearlescent flower in which I can curl up, just like Thumbelina. LOL. And without being too in your face, not necessarily a sole-flower.

I allowed myself to be charmed, on the way, by other gardenia versions. Once I got my attention captured by one with a classy-rich scent – the one from Isabey; in another occasion, one smelling like a soil lump and fleshy petals squeezed in my fist (a Matin D’Orange), then from behind a few violets, the garrulous gardenia of Ellenisia was calling me, from Penhaligon’s (not far from it was the gardenia of Chanel Exclusif, the two being sisters); once I even slipped in the dense and translucent net of  Tuberose Gardenia Lauder and so on… 

All my purchases with gardenia are, without doubt, outstanding specimens, otherwise, I wouldn’t have bought them, for sure. Only one didn’t appear ostentatiously in my way. It waited for me to walk towards it, getting lost and going through all kinds of challenges to prove myself. So cruel, Guerlain! Cruel Gardenia is the queen of all gardenias. It lives in a milk-white palace, erected on a mountain of yellow flowers, which has a thick musk mist at its base. It is a yellowish, creamy, complex scent, which remains, in time, as the smell of luxury soap. Exactly, this perfume emits luxury through all its pores.

Gold, luxury, white and beige shades, butyraceous flowers in heavy vases, elegant apartments, bare shoulders caressed by the sun and fine creams, long white dress, soft and fluid, fine sandals, a late summer, a gardenia flower in the hair… A perfume like an escape, a honeymoon, with a slightly exotic air, extremely pleasant on the skin. The next gardenia and, this way, my endeavour will end gloriously. Save the best for last.

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