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Review – Angel Muse Eau de Parfum | Thierry Mugler

by luxirare
Angel Muse

“Angel MUSE was created to revolutionise the gourmand style”, Thierry Mugler stated.

This is a somewhat past and rather forced aspect (not to say even risky), as Mugler did revolutionise ever since 1992, through the classic Angel, the world of perfumes, in general, and that of the gourmands, in particular. A glory that is difficult to exceed and repeat, something proven by the annual flankers that appear and disappear like soap bubbles in the mist of time, none managing to acquire the crown and scepter of the classic.

Up to Angel there isn’t any other perfume in the world, except Nirmala, with a gourmand smell that is so statuary, of a magnetic oddness, which attracts and repels as it sees fit and which almost became the slave of its own success due to the fact that is was worn and re-worn up to a collective saturation.

The novel is today avoided, out of the fear that the secretary may end up smelling like the boss. What faith! I still like Angel, although I’m not wearing it anymore. I see in it the gene of the winner, the gene of a rare and emblematic perfume, which opened new doors for other houses as well, many finding inspiration in its narcotic cocktail of patchouli and cotton candy.

And now it’s still you who comes forward, Mugler, pushing on the market Angel Muse that is promoted with an upsurge so full of pathos! I would have really enjoyed reading the slogan in the customers’ feedback rather than as a marketing line. Consumers should say this with enthusiasm, to admit that this is a perfume like no other.

As this is getting more and more difficult. Lancome is the 10th LVeB flanker and it sells well, Guerlain continues sewing on its norm of black dresses with black cherry smells, and Giorgio Armani standing in the balcony of his Saint-Tropez villa says SI, SI, SI, SI, SI… The world is really over-saturated by gourmands (born because of you as well, admit it ☺).

Otherwise, Angel Muse is not that bad. Let’s take a closer look: it begins with an assertive sweet note. Even if I was blindfolded I would still know that it’s a Mugler because that Angel – signature patchouli is present (just as it is in any other Angel flanker), with some vague hues of roasted peanuts (but after you smell Dolce Passione Pantheon or, why not, even the more transparent Praline de Santal, you start putting peanuts too on different steps of intensity), and on top a sweet overglaze is poured, a whipped cream glaze, so be it. Although I like to add a bit of rum essence in my whipped cream. A bit of cognac would have worked great here, something with a bit more flavor. It is a well-behaved one, through its smell and persistence, in comparison with the classic Angel. My only regret is that the vetiver, which sounds more than great in the perfume’s description, could have added a more than welcomed whimsical, bright-wet-woody tone, something that can’t be felt, unfortunately.

Anyway, you know what? If I put aside the concept, ambition, and hopes, if I isolate from all the gourmands I know and I look straight in the eyes of this angel, I can see Angel Muse as a kind and gentle perfume, sent as a new caprice of the cherubim, which can’t find its place on earth? It really tries hard to seduce. And as more and closely I keep an eye on it, as much it manages to do so.

Angel Muse

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