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Reversible Swimwear: Why It’s The Latest Trend In Waterside Attire

by luxirare

Reversible swimwear has been growing in popularity for years, and this fantastic trend will not only save you money and room in the suitcases all while looking fabulous but is also sustainable for the planet. 

The search for the best swimwear typically kicks off at the first hint of warmer weather. During the height of the pandemic, we spent our time dreaming of all the holidays we could go on. Now, with vaccines rolling out worldwide, there’s hope that this year will feel more normal than in the summer of 2020. Daydreaming of colourful bikinis and sleek one-pieces to escape is now becoming a reality.

Instead of donning your swimwear and trying to catch as much sun at home, explore the wonderful world of reversible swimwear; a perfect companion to take on a fantastic beach or poolside holiday this year or the next.

Finding The Right Style For You

Wearing swimwear can be daunting for everyone. So much consideration, shopping around, and prep work goes into getting yourself beach ready. Some have intense regimes in preparation for their beach and poolside holidays, incorporating self-tanning, waxing, body scrubs and extreme flab busting exercise routines.

Besides all these preparations, the most crucial factor in poolside or beach confidence is the actual swimwear. They come in a variety of designs and styles, and how they are cut can significantly impact the way they fit your body. A well-placed print, ruffle, or cut-out can do wonders to even out your figure.

With so many different styles out there, you want a retailer that can cater to all body types. If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, check out what Moontide have in stock. They offer a truly staggering range of styles to cover all the different body types in their reversible collection. 

Challenges Finding Swimwear That Fits

Reversible swimwear helps tackle the challenges of finding swimwear that fits. When buying reversible swimwear, when you find the perfect style and fit, you don’t just have one bikini, tankini, bandeau, halter or one piece; you have two. If you’re not sure how to find the right fit, take a look at these helpful tips.

No more having to try on hundreds to find one that doesn’t dig in, pinch or slip. Wear a fantastic piece to the beach one day, wash it and wear the reverse to the pool the next day. 


Sustainable swimwear has become one of the most searched for fashion terms globally, and it’s no surprise. Swimwear is a must-have for holidays and hot weather, but your average bikini is also one of the most harmful offenders when it comes to chemical pollution.

Reversible swimwear is one of many ways to reduce the impact on the planet. Instead of buying two separate bikinis, you can buy one that can be worn both ways. Many pieces may cost more than fast fashion alternatives, but they are more than worth it for both the sustainability and the quality of the products.

To many, fighting for sustainability may seem absurd and a lost battle, but for others, it’s a ray of hope. If each of us does one bit that helps create a more sustainable world, conditions look much less bleak. The good news is, you don’t have to go out of your way to achieve this. Even changing one aspect of your life can be an excellent step for the future; choosing reversible swimwear is one of those ways.

Mixing & Matching

No matter how many you have, there is always that one that is your favourite. You don’t want to wear to same suit all the time, even with the reversible patterns and colours, there’s one you love the most. You might love the top on one set and the bottoms of another, but their colours don’t go together. What to do? Mix and Match! That way you can wear your favourite tops and bottoms more often.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your prints; get creative and take the risk. You’ll be surprised how good it looks. Try pairing different-sized prints; one piece might have a large bold print, and the other piece could have a small print design.

If you are new to mixing and matching, a safe place to start is mixing solid colours. This tip works by pairing matching or contrasting colours; try a vibrant green or blue with a sunny yellow or an intense orange paired with deep red. For this to work, you need to look at the vibrancy and tone of the colours, avoiding pairing two pieces of the same colour but different tones or shades.

When mixing and matching, remember the materials. Some don’t always go well together, and you want the materials to make sense next to each other.

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