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The Return of Mail Order Thanks to Subscriptions

by luxirare
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Subscription boxes have become all the rage. While many may not think of it in the same context as the old mail order system, that’s exactly what it is. Thanks to the internet, we can find all sorts of subscriptions and learn about new products that may not be available in our local stores or ones that we weren’t aware that existed.

What Are the Options?

The availability and popularity of subscription boxes have exploded to the point that you can find anything and everything. You can find them for:

  • Health & Beauty (Walmart, Birchbox, Ipsy)
  • E-Cigarettes and supplies (Zamplebox.com)
  • Socks (Say it With a Sock, Sock of the Month, Sock Club)
  • Healthy snacks (Graze, Naturebox)
  • Pets (Barkbox, Chewy, Wiggle Box)
  • Art (Smart Art, Art Snacks, Crate Joy)

And that isn’t all. You can find boxes that target their audience by gender, age, or any manner of hobbies or favorite items.

Why Are They So Popular?

The reason is simple and yet various. For many, getting a mystery box with items that target your passions and hobbies is like having Christmas on delivery day. There is just something exciting about receiving that package and getting to open it to find samples you can use and try out brands that are new to you. The opportunity to try out a Marc Jacobs lipstick or a Kat von D eyeliner can be well worth just a few dollars a month. If you are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, any number of healthy snack boxes can help you try out products and learn what you like before committing to purchases at the grocery store that could save you lots of money. A knitting box that includes yarn could help you learn the craft and provide you the appropriate yarn so you aren’t standing confused in the yarn shop. People love them because they open our consumer world to new things without a major commitment!

Why Do Marketers Like Them?

Marketing teams have fallen in love with the subscription box because it’s a cost-effective form of advertising that ends in impressive results. You won’t have to worry about not reaching your target market. If you are a purveyor of paint brushes, you are sure to reach painters in an art supply box. On the off chance someone isn’t a painter, but perhaps works with pencils, they will possibly be inspired to at least try out your product. This can inadvertently widen your market just a little bit. If they don’t care for the product, they are likely to pass them on to another artist who wants to try it. Unlike a paper advertisement in the mail, it’s highly unlikely your sample is going to be thrown away with little care. Additionally, it’s a less expensive method of advertising as opposed to more modern campaigns involving well-placed ads online and in print. Reportedly, many companies that work with subscription boxes find that their sales go up after a box has been mailed out. Return On Investment (ROI) is very important to marketers!

Love them or hate them, subscription boxes are going to be around for quite some time. Introducing us to new products and new companies to explore and enjoy. 

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