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Restaurant Review: Tibits – London

by luxirare
Tibits, Tibits London

I’m not a vegetarian but could easily become one if I ate here everyday. This place is really awesome. It’s not difficult to find somewhere to eat around this bit of Regent Street but Tibits certainly offers something different. Inside it has a modern, funky feel. People were just chilling and enjoying the relaxed, laid back attitude.

A nice server met me at the door and offered to tell me about the place. The concept is pretty simple: you pick up a plate and go to the food counter, which is loaded with piles of all sorts of interesting things from all sorts of food genres. You help yourself to whatever you’d like, then you take your plate to the counter where you pay by weight and also order drinks of which there is an amazing selection if teas, coffees, juices, wine and cocktails. A plate works out at around £12 if you’re hungry.

The food is fresh and it is fantastic to have such a huge range of vegetarian options, although more hot dishes would always be welcome. Part of the joy is being able to try all sorts of different foods: you can easily have ten different dishes on one plate. Of course, they’re all delicious and interesting. The different textures and colours were a treat for the eyes and the mouth!

Although I am a carnivore, I had a fabulous delicious and healthy meal. This is a must go-to for all who love food but don’t want to go for the all too common unhealthy restaurants. Definitely will recommend and return!

Tibits, 12-14 Heddon Street, W1B 4DA

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