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Rent a Luxurious Bus for your next Group Tour

by luxirare

A group tour is an excellent way to make beautiful memories and it is almost a rite of passage. However planning a group travel is not an easy task. It does not matter if you are traveling in a group of 4 or 40 planning the trip is always complicated. Just think about the fact that there are 24 incredible outdoor adventures in Southeast Asia alone. Covering just half in one trip for many people is tough. It is often so hectic that most people cancel the outing in the planning stages itself and honestly nobody is blaming them for it. 

It is however pretty easy to plan your trip if you just stick to a few simple rules. 

Steps to plan the tour

The steps to plan a tour are relatively simple and easy. 

  1. Decide on a destination and calculate how far it is from your city. Now based on this information choose a mode of transportation. If the distance can be travelled using a bus then consider booking one for your trip. It is not only a cheaper option but it is also a lot more eco-friendly than a lot of other modes of transport- for example travelling in different cars. If the distance is long then consider a bus rental. It is an extremely comfortable means of transportation and when split in between a large group it is also cheaper.

  2. Decide on your travel preferences and plan an itinerary accordingly. It helps you and everyone with you to stay collected during your trip instead of getting overwhelmed by all the options you have been offered.

  3. Calculate how big your group actually is and then decide on a mode of transport based on that information. The type of bus you book will vary according to the size of your group and it will also make a difference in your budget.

  4. Plan a primary and secondary route to your destination. While planning early is great and can help you avoid a lot of hassle this is one thing most people do not account for. The primary route you choose can be shut down on the day of your travel due to a variety of reasons. Choosing two routes in advance saves you from the headache of navigating through the road on the final day.

  5. Plan pit stops if you plan on being on a trip for any more than 3 hours. You will need to restock on your food, water, and other supplies. Make sure your pit stop is a gas station and it is spaced out through the trip properly. Usually a pit stop every two hours is a good idea. It also lets you get out and get some fresh air every once in a while.

  6. Book your hotels early. This helps you save up a lot on your trip. Choose a hotel that fits with every one of your group members requirements. Choose a hotel that is within your budget and the budget of everyone else on your group. Account for other factors as well such as the style, size, and type of the rooms. If there is a disabled person on board with you makes sure you find a hotel that is accessible to them. The location of your hotel also makes a huge difference to your trip. A hotel or other accommodation that is too far away from all the major centres in the city will make the trip a lot more difficult for you. 

Plan your travel keeping all these tips in mind but remember not to plan too much. Leave space for spontaneous decisions so that your trip does not end up being just as mundane as your everyday life.

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