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How To Recreate The Luxury Hotel Look At Home

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We all love going abroad. Partly so that we can unwind, relax, and experience new cultures. But if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s partly because we love the little luxuries that come with travel. Staying in a beautiful luxury hotel with crisp bed linen, beautiful home accessories, and a fluffy bathrobe are all things that we look forward to, and miss when we’re home. So if you’re pining after your paradise getaway here’s how you can bring some of your holiday home with you…


The first step to achieving a luxury hotel look at home is to de-clutter your bedroom and bathroom. Whenever you stay in a great hotel room they are always clutter-free, without exception. So it makes sense to start your luxury look with a blank canvas. Get rid of anything which you don’t use or haven’t seen in awhile! Everything else needs to be stored away. If decluttering means investing in more storage then make sure you do that. A chest of drawers, a letter rack, and some shelves are all a good, but aesthetically pleasing, way to tidy up your room. A luxury hotel room is relaxing, to achieve that relaxed retreat state of mind you have to minimize the untidiness. You’ll soon find that feelings of frustration and chaos are replaced with zen-like calm.

Guard Your Space

Whether you work from home, or just find work creeping into your home life, banish it from the bedroom. Laptops, tablets, and phones all remind us of the stress and responsibilities that we have on our plate. The joy of a luxury hotel room is that we feel removed from the pressures of everyday life. So start by removing a desk or any work materials from the bedroom. Instead, replace them with a stack of magazines and books. These look a lot more attractive and encourage relaxation and leisure

Go Big At Home

If you’ve got cash to splash and want to recreate a really convincing luxury hotel experience, consider building a pool in your backyard. Compass swimming pool builders are used to building luxury pools that wouldn’t look out of place in the swankiest of resorts. A pool is a great way to relax and unwind and feel like you’re still on holiday, without having to have a long-haul flight!

Back To Basics

The foundation of any luxury hotel look needs to be the bed. The bed is the best thing about hotel rooms. You’ll need to invest in a great mattress. Luxury hotels have super supportive and comfortable mattresses. This helps us to get a good night sleep, which can reduce stress! Having two pillows instead of one is a good idea too. Luxury hotels do this to create volume, making a bed look expensive and inviting. Finally, choose bed sheets you love and layer them up with a blanket and some scatter cushions.


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