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Reasons Why You Are Afraid of Commitment

by luxirare
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The attitude towards serious relationships has changed over last several years. Our generation views a committed relationship as something undesirable or even unnecessary. Most people profess a new faith – the life without commitment. But is it a positive phenomenon? It’s clear that there are people who are satisfied with regular casual sex. But what to do if you want something bigger, when at the same time, you fear the perspective of settling down?

There can be several reasons for your tangled feelings. We have gathered this crucial information with the help of our kind friends from https://natalydate.com/ that know everything about dating and relationships.

There are many other candidates

The first thing that springs to your mind when you look at the girl and think about something serious with her is “there are so many other girls in the world, why should I spend the rest of my life with this one?” You believe that you could find a prettier, smarter, and better girl. But if you ask other guys, they would say they thought they way you do and they ended up regretting their missed opportunities. You shouldn’t hold on to the person you don’t love. But what if your girlfriend is the best thing that would ever happen to you?

You’ve had a sad experience

Many of us went through unsuccessful relationships that failed due to partner’s betrayal. The ghosts of the past keep haunting us and prevent us from trying to become happy with somebody new. You shouldn’t let your past control your present. Yes, you tried to build a relationship with the wrong person, but now, you can find the right woman and turn over a new leaf. So, if you’re dating a good girl, give her a chance – she is another person.

You don’t want to grow up

Sometimes, your fear stems from the reluctance to leave your comfort zone. You’ve never made plans for the future; you don’t know where you’ll live in 10 years, where you’ll work, and what you want to leave behind. Just stop for a moment and ponder over your life. You think that you are free and independent from any plans but this way of thinking will soon make your life senseless. There is nothing scary about getting mature and taking your relationships with a woman to a new level.

You don’t want to find yourself in a trap

If some of your friends are henpecked husbands, you know awful such relationship can be. The fear of getting “trapped” usually seizes those who are unable to stand their ground. Everything depends on you: if you show your strength and principal stand, your partner won’t order you about. If you behave like a weak-spirited boy, no one will be surprised that your woman doesn’t allow you to hang out with your friends. Healthy relationships are possible, and you should work on them to make them healthy.

You feel it will prevent you from developing

Some people don’t completely understand what being in a relationship is. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up your career and hobby and devote yourself to your partner. This is the description of an unhealthy relationship. A fulfilling relationship is never restrictive. It’s a union of two independent personalities that live together because they love each other and want to make each other happy. You should aim for this kind of relationship where you are in a relationship but you still do the things you used to do when you were single.

Opening up is hard for you

You know yourself and you have adjusted your life to your preferences and beliefs. The idea of letting somebody else into your routine really scares you. Your world is perfect and that person can bring chaos to it. That is why you avoid serious relationships because they require revealing your true self to another person. This is the fear of being vulnerable. Of course, you should get rid of it. Even if you opened up to the wrong person, you should take it as a valuable experience.

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