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Putting Together the Perfect Date in London

by luxirare

Going out on dates is a crucial part of any relationship. In fact, it’s essential when you are trying to get to know the other person. A date says a lot about you and can be a deciding factor if someone wants to keep seeing you or not. The perfect date is about effort. Money is useful, but it should not be the only thing to consider when planning a date. You could take your date to the most expensive restaurant in London and still come up empty at the end of it. Whether it’s an outdoor activity or a simple meal, have an idea of the top things to do in London.

Go on a Food Tour

If your date is a foodie, taking them of a food tour around London is the epitome of a perfect date, especially a first one. The English capital offers unlimited variety in terms of cuisine. Indulge in everything from fish and chips to gourmet cheese to international delicacies. Markets are a decent place to start. Borough Market in Southwark, Broadway and Maltby are great for dates. Food tours give you a lot to work with. You can try local foods in street stalls or hop across fancy restaurants and cafes. Guided food tours are practical if you are unsure about the best spots in the city. You can incorporate cooking classes to have something different to do on the date.

A Fun Round of Crazy Golf

Miniature golf is a fantastic way to while away the day or night. A crazy golf club is an interesting alternative to routine spots such as restaurants and bars. You get to change things up, especially if it’s an on-going relationship. Take your partner to experience the best Minigolf London has to offer. You can buy a package for golf, food and drink. Enjoy delicious meals when you break and even stay for drinks. The best part is that nobody cares about your golfing skills, it’s all about fun.

Outdoor Adventures

If you both love the outdoors, a few other ideas to try besides miniature golf are hiking, biking, cycling, boating and kayaking. London offers suitable settings for different kinds of outdoor activities. Canoeing in the Thames is quite popular. Enjoy magnificent views as you paddle each other’s boats. Bike rides in and around the capital offer you an opportunity to see the city in all its beauty. Be sure to check out appropriate routes for your date. For stunning views of the city, climb Parliament Hill. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix at any of a hundred destinations in London. Wakeboarding, skydiving, hang gliding, motor racing and kite surfing are some of the activities you can book. Drinking champagne from the view room of London’s tallest skyscraper, the Shard, might be what you need to get the blood pumping. After your chosen outdoor adventure, you can picnic or stop by a local eatery for alfresco dining.

The perfect date means different things for various people. For you, it might be a picnic at the park while for another person, a round of crazy golf. Take your time to plan the ideal date, depending on your preferences and those of your date.


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