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Popular People Know How To Hold Their Own

by luxirare
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When we want to be liked, we tend to watch what we say more. We watch our tongue, watch our tone and learn to bite our lip. But it isn’t just words that make us more likeable. It’s the way we hold ourselves. It’s our bodies. Something as simple as the way we shake someone’s hand, where we hold a gaze and how we hold our postures that send out so many signals for other’s to decipher. It is this idea that we are sending out subconscious signals all the time and, if we understand how these work, well, we can get people to like us better or, at the very least, give us that all-important benefit of the doubt.

Impressing in a job interview, making yourself memorable at a networking event or just trying to catch the eye of that tall, dark and handsome gent in a bar – your body language influences it all and that’s because being attractive isn’t about looks, it’s about your whole vibe.

  1. Time To Smile

Smiling is one of the most beautiful and sincere ways of being more attractive, but there is more to it than just smiling when you meet someone. Smiling instantaneously makes you a smiley person, which is great, but holding off for a few seconds and waiting until you’ve had time to register the other person’s face, well, that makes them think your smile is just for them.

  1. Straight-Up Relaxed

There is such thing as a positive posture. It is about standing with your feet at hip-width, making yourself tall and relaxing your shoulders and neck. That’s what people find attractive. The problem is, a positive posture is becoming harder and harder to hold naturally with the rise of office jobs. Get some physiotherapy and they will tell you it is called postural dysfunction. Our advice: get it fixed and start impressing people with little more than the way you stand when greeting them.

  1. Easy On The Eye Contact

We all know that eye contact is important when trying to make friends and impressing people but, like everything in life, it is about moderation. A little bit of eye contact is obviously amazing, but too much and you’ll have the opposite effect. A little trick we’ve picked up is to look at the other person’s nose – that way you are still engaged, but you won’t sem as intense (which is a good thing).

  1. Don’t Get Cross

Crossing your arms and legs is one of the worst things you can do because you are making a literal border between you and them, and that turns something positive, like meeting new people, into a negative experience. It makes you seem closed, on the defense and, dare we say, standoffish, and that isn’t going to see people come and approach you. Open up your body language and you will find people warming to you in an instant.

  1. The Most Interesting

It’s one of the simplest tricks in the book, but treating the person in front of you like they are the most interesting person in the room will make them feel amazing about themselves and see them want to keep spending time with you. So, hold eye-slash-nose contact, ask them questions, listen to what they say and mimic what they do. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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