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Planning the Perfect Lunch Date

by luxirare
Lunch Date

 A lunch date is a perfect way to get to know someone new. While not as formal as a dinner date, the more relaxed atmosphere surrounding lunch means that people generally find it much easier to open up and conversation flows more freely. Of course, as with most things in the dating world, it does pay to plan ahead, and the more planning you do beforehand the greater the chance of a successful date you will have while cutting out a great deal of the inevitable anxiety. Below is a quick guide to some of the best steps you can take to ensure you plan the perfect afternoon for you and your companion.

Choosing the Right Day

There is nothing worse than a lunch date overshadowed by one person’s need to rush. It will take your mind off the person in front of you and will put you into a naturally more anxious state which will make it harder for conversation to flow naturally and can end up putting a real downer on the whole day. Plan your lunch date for a day when neither of you have any other commitments, leaving you free to chat for as long as you like.

Don’t Make It Too Formal

Many daters prefer lunch dates to dinner dates because they are a less formal affair and there is therefore less pressure on both parties. These reduced expectations allow each person to relax into the situation without worrying about their fashion choices or their demeanor in a way that they might in a more formal setting. You should also keep this consideration in mind when it comes to selecting somewhere to eat. Choosing a venue that is too upmarket might make your date feel uncomfortable and will add to the pressure on you to match your surroundings.

It is a good idea to find out what kind of setting your date would prefer before you decide on a location. If you take them somewhere where they are able to relax, this will have a positive impact on the attitudes you both adopt while eating and conversing.

Choosing the Right Location

Ideally you will want to take your date somewhere quiet so that you can converse easily and get to know one another. It’s no use trying to establish a rapport with someone when you can’t hear them talking properly. You also don’t want to choose anywhere that is too crowded as this will detract from the intimacy of the situation and make it harder to be completely open with one another.

Choosing the Right Date

Of course, the key ingredient in this plan is your choice of date. There are now a plethora of online services and apps, such as LunchDates, through which you can meet likeminded people near to you.

Lunch dates are a tried and tested way of breaking the ice with a new love interest and as long as you plan ahead appropriately, embarking upon one should be a fun and rewarding experience, even if it doesn’t lead anywhere.

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