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Personalizing The Home, From Details To Decor

by luxirare
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If there is anything that you can probably say about what people want from their homes, it is a sense of it being true to them personally. But the process of personalization itself is routinely notoriously difficult to carry out, and it can be hard knowing whether or not you have truly made it work in your home. As it happens, one of the real keys to ensuring your home is true to you in as many ways as possible is to make sure that you have paid attention to both the very small details and the larger points as well.

As long as you work in this way, there is no way that your home will not be true to you at least in some sense. Let’s take a look at some of the things you might want to look to as a way of bringing a little more of your own personality into your home.

What’s Your Color?

Chances are, you did not put much thought into your current color scheme. Most people choose colors almost at random, and at best they are usually a kind of last minute thought. However, they can also be a fantastic opportunity to genuinely express yourself well in your home appearance. Colors actually say a lot about you, and once you start to work from this assumption you will see that you can achieve a lot just by paying attention to what colors you are using. For that, it can be help to carry out some research on the basics of color psychology.

Whether or not we are generally aware of it most of the time, every color has its own kind of character. Each also affects your perception and your mood in a different way, and it is in this way that you can start to pay attention to colors as a means of expressing yourself. Once you begin to play around with colors in this way, you might even be quite surprised just how effective it can be. You will probably come to see that there is a particular color, range of colors, or color scheme which most suits you, and in this way you can make your home a much more personal space on the whole. In any case, you won’t be able to get very far without paying any attention to color whatsoever.

The Language Of Furniture

Believe it or not, you can also use furniture in a surprising number of ways in order to try and get your personality across. Similarly as with the use of colors, your choice in furniture is always saying a lot about you, and working from that understanding you can then start to pay more attention to what furniture you are using throughout the home. There are not really any hard and fast rules here – mostly you just need to pay attention to what your furniture is saying about you, and feel free to change it up as and when it might be necessary. In this way, you can soon start to use your furniture as a means towards expressing yourself all the more clearly in your home.

The Windows To The World

It can sometimes be helpful to think of the house as having a face, and that is usually in the form of windows. You might not have had a chance to really have a say over the windows, but they are going to make a difference to how well or not the house represents your personality. If you are keen on a change, there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding new windows for your home. Of course, this is likely to cost you a significant amount of money, especially if you are going to replace them all. But what you can do instead is just take a look at the curtains that you are using.

As much as the windows themselves, the curtain can be a great way to spread your style throughout the home. Again, this is something that a lot of people will not choose very consciously, but you might want to consider doing that if you really want to make your window areas as personal to you as you can. With the use of the right curtains, it can really make a huge difference to the overall look. If you really want to end up with curtains which are going to reflect you well, you might want to consider finding some good quality made to measure curtains online. They will be especially good at expressing your personality, and you will be able to get them for much less money than the cost of replacing your windows.

The Front Door

Another part of the home people tend to overlook, sometimes out of necessity, is the front door. But this is actually one of the most important parts of the whole home for getting a little of yourself across. The front door, after all, is what people will always see first and foremost, and as such it provides a first impression more than anywhere else in the home. This is important to bear in mind because if you are keen on your home expressing your personality, you will probably want to make sure that you get this part of the home right more than most other parts. But what can you do to improve the look of your front door, and make it more suitable to you?

One of the easiest and quickest (not to mention cheapest) ways is to simply paint the door. If you are not happy with the color that is on there at the moment, then changing this up can really make a big difference. When it is being used as a way of expressing your personality, you can of course choose whatever color you think does that best. See above for more of a discussion on what colors to choose and how to know what is expressing you best. As well as painting the door, you do also of course have the option of completely replacing it. This is going to be a little more expensive, but as long as you are certain it’s what you want to do there is no reason not to really. It is the kind of change which is going to make a big difference overall, even if it is in a subtle psychological way, so make sure that you are prepared for that.


It goes without saying, but it is of course worth paying some attention to the decor if you really want to get your own personality across in your home. The decor can be affected by many things, and is itself full of a number of different elements to consider. You need to get a good sense of what those elements are and how to make them work if you want to use the decor as a means of expressing your personality as well as possible. Decor is varied and it can take a long time to understand how to use it to express your own personality. The best thing you can do is to practice as much as possible. With enough trial and error, you will be able to gain a fuller understanding of how your decor can reflect your own personality in your home. This will then mean that you are able to make it much more of a reality to make your home reflect yourself.

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