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How do people date in different countries?

by luxirare
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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a date? A walk in the park? Dinner at the restaurant? Or, maybe, a romantic trip in a hot air balloon? We thought dating was always the same. But it turns out that people abroad have quite a different idea of ​​romance. Let’s have a journey around the world to learn about dating in different countries with ladies.

United Kingdom

As you know, the UK is a country where traditions are strictly honored. Therefore, the rules of the first date are so important here. According to traditions, guys ask their companions out only in the middle of the week. Spending Friday evenings with friends is an old custom, so if you find yourself in Foggy Albion and ask a girl out on Friday, she may think that you have no friends.

A pub is considered the standard place for romantic meetings. Men always pick up the tab on the first date. Starting from the second date, couples usually split the bill in half.


In Australia, men ask their companions out on a date, pretty much like everywhere else. But Australians aren’t used to showing their feelings on their first date. This means that the girl shouldn’t expect her companion to take her to an expensive restaurant, and she won’t hear any compliments from him. Besides, Australians rarely give their girlfriends presents. But women got used to this peculiarity long ago, and now they take it for granted.


In contrast to dating in different countries, in Germany, women often take the initiative and ask men out first. As you may know, Germany stands for gender equality, so men see nothing wrong about such approach. 

The most popular places for a date are restaurants or pubs. If the guy really likes his companion, he must take her to a movie theater. Thus, he shows her that his intentions are serious.


When it comes to such common things as flirting and online dating, different countries are the same. But Spanish girls are not like other ones. It’s all about their temper. That’s why they can’t stand when guys give them flowers, care too much about them, and pay for dinner. Spanish men never build any plans. Nothing comes of them anyway.

There are non-verbal signs that every girl in Spain needs to learn. If a guy asks her out to a café – he likes her. If he invites her to dinner in a restaurant – he has serious intentions, and if he wants to drink a couple of cocktails with his companion – he wants to get her into bed.


Chinese men are gallant and ready to invest a lot of money, time, and attention in their companions. But their one peculiarity: they often come on a date together with their friends. A Chinese man always pays for his woman and asks her where she would like to spend a second date.

The most popular places for a first date include noisy parties, bars, or festivals.


The way people date in France reflects the romantic spirit of this country. Instead of asking his companion out to dinner, the man invites her for an early breakfast, which by itself is unusual and romantic. If the man pays the check – it’s a direct signal that she’s more than interesting to him. 

As you can see, your first date may be different depending on where you live. The only thing that remains unchanged is online dating. Different countries seem to have the same approach towards it.

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