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Painting is All Fun And Games- Until You Have to Move House!

by luxirare

Painting is a great hobby and it can be an outlet for your stress, negative thoughts and anger. It can provide you with a very peaceful and very tranquil way to balance your life and if you are an avid painter, you’ll understand how relaxing the whole thing can be. The problem is that if you have a ton of mounted paintings and you need to move house, you’ll soon see that this can be very hard to do. You may even find that the whole thing just doesn’t go to plan and you may have some of your prized artwork damaged in the process. After all, it’s not just the glass you have to worry about, because if the glass breaks then this could scratch your art and even pierce the paper. To avoid this, all you have to do is take a couple of extra steps when packing.

Using the Right Packaging Material

If you have smaller frames then try and find a good-sized moving box. When you do this, you have to make sure that the bottom is solid and that the box is completely dry. If you are moving very large pieces of paintings then it’s a good idea for you to pack every piece that you have in a speciality box. You can actually buy these very easily, and it isn’t hard to put some packing peanuts down the side as well. If you are unable to get these types of boxes then simply take a cardboard box and flatten it. You’ll then want to slide the picture inside and use bubble wrap to cover the top and bottom. Packing tape is great for this, and if you have a marker make sure that you write on the box what art it is so you know which room to take it in.

Placing it in the Van

If you are hiring local movers from Bekins Moving Solutions then you won’t have a problem at all in packing up your goods because they will take care of a lot of it for you. If you do not have someone like this to work with you then you will have to load the paintings into the van yourself. A lot of people believe that they should have their paintings packed flat but this is not the case at all. You’ll want to have it on its side so that the picture frame can absorb the pressure from the van instead of it all being put near to the glass. If you are worried about the corners then be creative and make some cardboard corners and slot them onto the picture’s edge. It’s also a good idea for you to wedge pictures between heavy objects when they are in the van as well, but when you do this, make sure that the object doesn’t have wheels as this could cause it to move around in the back.

If you have some fragile tape then this is ideal and it could save you a lot of time later on. This will help to remind you that the item is fragile and it will also help you to alert other people as well.

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