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Is an Off the Shoulder Wedding Gown Right for You

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Choosing your wedding gown is one of the more important aspects of the planning. You want a design that emphasises some of your best features and also helps you to feel happy with your appearance on what will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Would an off the shoulder wedding gown design accomplish that? Here are some examples of why this style could be perfect for you.

An Hourglass Shape

The curves associated with an hourglass shape are definitely something to accentuate. The combination of a more ample bust, smaller waist, and wider hip is one that many women would love to possess.  Choosing one of the designs for off the shoulder wedding dresses helps to call more attention to the graceful curves of the upper body.

A professional at the Houghton NYC Bridal Store can help you determine if the design should include a high waist, a fitted bodice, or a full skirt along with the off the shoulder design. There is also the matter of whether you prefer clean lines or would like something with more layers and frills. Feel free to consider several designs and see which off the shoulder look pleases you.

An Apple Shape

Women with an apple shape enjoy the benefits of an ample bosom, and a fuller waist and upper back. Since one of the things that an off the shoulder wedding gown will do is create the illusion of wider shoulders, a woman with this shape will find that it provides greater balance to the overall look. By calling attention to the graceful curves of the upper body, especially the softness of the shoulders, it’s possible to include an A-line design for the rest of the wedding gown and call less attention to the waist.

A Pear Shape

Women with pear shaped figures have hips that are more ample than the bosom. The waist is typically smaller and easy to define in most styles of clothing. You will find that the professional working in one of the NYC bridal stores is likely to recommend a off the shoulder design.
This is because the style helps to add a greater sense of width along the upper body. Doing so helps to balance out the dimensions of the hips and calls more attention to the neckline. You will find that if this is your shape, opting for an off the shoulder look will be one of the most attractive styles to consider.

A Rectangular Shape

Women with this type of figure have busts and hips that are roughly the same width. Their waists tend to have comparatively little in the way of definition. As with some other body types, the idea is to call more attention to the upper body and less to the waist and hips.  One of the off-the-shoulder wedding dresses in New York will certainly accomplish that goal. Pair it with an A-line skirt that hangs gracefully and you will be thrilled with the look.

If you are unsure what sort of design would be best, consult an expert. With a little planning, you will love the way the wedding gown looks on you and be able to walk down the aisle knowing that what people see on the outside matches the beauty that is inside.

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