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Must-Have Products for Modern Women

by luxirare

If you are a fashionable woman, there are likely a few staples that you consider to be must-have products yourself. We might just be able to add a few more useful products to your own list today, or perhaps you have them all covered already. The only way to find out would be to go through the small list of essential products for modern women that we have for you here.


There are various divisions within the broad term lipstick now, such as lip color, lip gloss, moisturizing lip color, and so on. They each have some distinct properties to them, and depending on your attire, the theme of the occasion and even the weather, you will need to choose the right shade and type of lipstick to stand out for the right reasons or blend in when required. If we were to name just one color which every woman should have in their purse, it would be a lighter shade of red. Then again, having just one or two shades is just not enough and you need a good assortment to make sure you have something for each occasion. As a pro tip, always buy your lipstick in small amounts because they can harbor bacteria like you won’t believe!


Concealers do exactly what the name suggests; they conceal dark circles, pimples, uneven skin tones, dark and light spots, discolorations, skin blemishes and birthmarks. There are other ways to permanently get rid of them as well, but none of them are an instant solution.

Concealers, on the other hand, are a must-have product for every modern woman because they allow you to instantly conceal what you do not want others to see during an important meeting, a date, a conference or at social gatherings.

Clear Braces or Invisible Braces

This one is not universally applicable of course, but for women who feel like they can benefit from a perfect smile, teeth straightening can be a life changer. Very few of us were born with a perfect smile, so clear braces, or what is also known as invisible braces, might be more useful than you realize.

Thanks to ALINGERCO, the option to use customized clear braces for straightening any one or multiple of your teeth at home has never been more affordable or feasible than it is now. Visit alignerco.com for more information on the cost of treatment, how the custom invisible braces are made and how effective these are. In case a malocclusion is making it harder for you to breathe or causing halitosis, teeth straightening should be considered a priority rather than a luxury.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is nothing short of a wonder for the busy fashionista. The ability to shampoo your hair without water is a near-miraculous advantage that every busy, working woman needs in their lives. Wash it off later when you get the time, but during emergencies, dry shampoo will be more than enough to absorb excess oil and remove the odor of unwashed hair in minutes, leaving your tresses looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are versatile products that can have multiple applications, depending on the situation. They are particularly useful in this period of time when wiping your hand off with sanitizers frequently has become a safety standard, but even before all this, they were being used for used for:

  • Wiping off extra makeup, lipstick and nail polish
  • Wiping our faces during a hot, sweaty day to keep it looking and feeling fresh
  • Cleaning any smooth surface quickly and effectively, including our smartphone screens, remotes, laptop/desktop/tablet screens and more
  • Quickly cleaning a shoe 
  • Covering up/sanitizing toilet seats in a public toilet
  • Making up for the lack of toilet paper in an emergency!
  • Wiping off blackboards and whiteboards

Hand Sanitizer

In the middle of an epidemic, it would be wrong not to include the 75% rubbing alcohol-based hand sanitizer into this list of must have products for modern women, especially when you are on the go. Of course, that applies to pretty much everyone, irrespective of their gender. Add a bit of the sanitizing agent to your wet wipes for cleaning surfaces which might have come into contact with outsiders.


Irrespective of your complexion, you need to wear an SPF 15 sunscreen, provided you live in an area where the sun shines bright. Understand that even if it is winter, protecting your face with sunscreen is highly advised in case the sun is still shining when you are about to go out.

The harmful UV-rays do not lose their carcinogenic properties because it’s cold outside, but can cause even more damage to our skin because extreme cold tends to crack and expose the inner layers of our skin to sun’s cancerous rays. Apply a sunscreen with moisturizer in it for protecting your skin against both the sun and the cold.

Truth be told, beauty is subjective, and you do not really need any modern beauty products to survive either. However, in this modern day and age that we all live in, our aims should be higher than just survival. Women should be able to live in the way that they want and sometimes, a bit of help from a product might go a long way towards enabling you to find the confidence you need. Besides, some of the must have products included here go beyond aesthetics and can even be considered crucial to our wellbeing.

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Zully Hernandez 13th August 2020 - 1:32 am

Lipstick and mascara are my basics for everyday but with wearing a mask anywhere we go I realize this one is pointless- and I miss it! Using wipes on white boards I never even though of though!


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