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Must Have Car Accessories You Can’t Do Without

by luxirare
Car Accessories
Why do car owners buy car accessories? Perhaps this is just a desire to increase comfort or the need for personalization of the car by purchasing not only useful, but also unique accessories.

Navigator: Today it is impossible to imagine a trip in a city without a route made with the traffic info. It saves a lot of time and nerves. It should be recalled that a navigator without internet is not relevant because only the current traffic information makes it a truly indispensable driver’s assistant on the road. With an additional function of voice control you can get directions without being distracted from driving. Modern maps are constantly updated and the navigator can quickly request searched directions or even offer you its own, more optimal way.

DVR: The DVR and reversing camera make reversing maneuvers easier. The camera detects an obstacle in time and the parking sensors sound an alarm. The DVR can make a record on external source on the internet. The DVR is used for security functions for example – registering violations. Motion sensors signal to start recording, and through the installed application on Android there goes a notification for the owner.

Compressor: And finally, the most common accessory that is present in every car is a car compressor. Even with a spare tire, in practice, at the time of a flat tire and replacement, it appears the tire should be pumped up a little bit. Maintaining the necessary tire pressure is not only for your safety, but also for the fuel consumption. The fuel consumption on underloaded wheels is 5% more. Tire pressure is always indicated on the driver’s side of the body column. This pressure is calculated on the factory and depends on the weight of the car, its load by passengers and the luggage space. The route you are taking is also taken into account. On a dirty and bumpy roads you have to lower the pressure and when you are on the highway, it’s better to pump it up. It is useful when the compressor is always within reach!

With accessories you can get extra benefits from the standard equipment and extend the functionality of the car. More info you can find here on onlinecarparts.co.uk site

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