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Must-have clothing items for summer 2016

by luxirare
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Must-have clothing items for summer:

  • A pair of white sneakers

After a season full of Stan Smith shoes, perhaps it is time to discover the charm and simplicity of white sneakers (Converse, Chuck Taylor, but not necessarily), in high and low, classic, versions. If we are to look at the way these are worn, you just need to follow the same rules as any other modern sports shoes: in a combination with a maxi dress with nautical-style stripes, a pair of ripped jeans, or mom jeans, with a pair of knee-length culottes, practically with anything.

Their bright white color makes these sneakers suitable for combinations with golden or metallic accessories, python prints or fauvist colors.

  • A lace top or dress

Crossed laces can be found in very many clothing pieces this season. If you want to make sure you incorporate them right in the trends of this summer, place the laces on simple and minimalist cuts. So, forget about all those dresses with exaggeratedly generous cleavages, which can be barely held in place by some thin laces. Instead, bet your look on a top with side laces, or a straight line dress, again with side laces, which are firmly tightened.

  • A blouse with embroidery or appliqué

In comparison with the past years, when colored appliqué was highly appreciated, this summer dare to wear a blouse that is 100% romantic, extremely ample or straight, even with a hippie air. Go for a Bardot cleavage, with extra-large sleeves, which has embroideries around the cuffs or bindings or, why not, with appliqué or crochet insertions.

And don’t just save this one for summer days! You can also wear it for an outing, half tucked in a pair of slim jeans, ankle-length, worn with a pair of thick-heel sandals. Another option would be to combine it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and platform sandals. And if you want to be extremely feminine, you can always opt for a cloche skirt. At the beach, you can take it over your bathing suit.

  • A summer LBD (little black dress)

Less transparent than a white dress, chicer than its peers burdened with prints, the black summer dress will always have its advantages. First of all, the dark colour will flatter a golden-caramel tan better than any other colour shade. Secondly, leaving aside structural cuts that are appropriate for a different season, this summer will concentrate on ample models, delicate but sizeable.

Dresses that are above knees become less sensual if we wear them with sneakers or gladiator sandals. Also, midi dresses look splendid with a pair of thick-heel sandals. In the evening, the dress can be worn with a boyfriend jacket, made out of pre-washed jeans, and braided hair.

  • A kimono

When I say this, I think about the kimonos with a folk aura, which manage to successfully combine comfort with style. The best ones are made out of a soft and light material, which allows us to wear them on top of a tank top or bra, strapless dress, and even over our bathing suit.

Those of you, who have a more hippie or bohemian style, may be attracted by models with embroideries and fringes, while others may prefer plain kimonos or with abstract prints.

Also, you can add to your list:

  • A crochet bikini;
  • A top or dress with the Bardot cleavage;
  • A temporary golden tattoo;
  • A long shirt-dress;
  • A clothing piece made out of chambray denim, very soft and light (a coverall, tunic, shirt, skirt, dress…)
  • A pair of sunglasses;
  • A pair of clogs with high heels;
  • A large shirt with thick stripes, with ends you can knot together;
  • A pair of stripped slip-on;
  • A mini or midi skirt, with a trapeze cut.


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