Mulberry Roxanne

Known to fans as Roxy, this little handbag managed to check all the boxes necessary to become an “it bag”. It had pockets and buckles and much more studs than the outfit of a dominatrix taken from a photo shoot for Playboy. Back in the days when it first appeared, in 2004, its price was 595 pounds (890 euro), but in a sea of stupid and complicated bags, it appeared as the definition of maturity and practical sense.

Following the well-known principle “rarity=exclusivity”, the Mulberry team ended up creating true mass hysteria with the help of the waiting lists for Roxanne.

Today, the Mulberry fashion house states that the profits made after selling handbags sum up about 80% of their total profits. Handbags are much easier to sell than clothing items, their profit margin is huge, and manufacturers are not concerned by getting the size right.

Also, women these days are convinced by the necessity of building a “wardrobe” of bags – of diverse sizes, colors, textures, and materials according to attires and occasions.

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