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Most Effective Methods Of Fixing An Uneven Skin Tone

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An uneven skin tone can be seriously damaging to your confidence, regardless of where it is on your body. While a visible skin tone issue is obvious to everyone, one that is usually hidden will still be seen in certain outfits and potentially by dates. That thought can knock the self-confidence of the most confident of people. 

A lack of self-confidence will damage your ability to fulfill your dreams and be all that you want to be. In short, it can affect your quality of life. What better reason do you need to know how to fix uneven skin tone?

Understanding Uneven Skin Tone

Uneven skin tone is when the pigmentation is different on one part of your skin. In general, the pigmentation of your skin is the same across your body. But, when you have too much pigmentation in one area it results in a color change, blotchiness, or even simply spots. In fact, this is the main cause of age and sunspots

Unfortunately, there are many causes of uneven skin, such as acne and specifically acne scarring, or sun damage. In some cases, it is simply your genes and you have uneven skin when you are born, often referred to as a birthmark.


The most important thing you can do to help fix uneven skin tone s to exfoliate. It’s a good idea to do this every day. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, allowing your skin to breathe and absorb nutrients. This can often prevent uneven skin tone from becoming worse and it is an effective first step in eliminating the current skin issues you are facing.

Brightening Serums

The next step is to choose a high-quality brightening serum, preferably one that contains vitamin C as this is very good at brightening skin and protecting it from further damage, especially by the sun’s rays. You should invest in high-quality skincare products if you want to get the best possible results. 

It is worth noting that a brightening serum can be used all over your body but you’ll want to pay extra attention to the darker skin areas. This will help to balance the color of your skin. 

Glycolic Peel

The brightening serum should help but you will probably need a little more assistance to eliminate the issue. A glycolic peel does a similar job to exfoliating but is slightly more intense. You will need to follow the instructions and you should seek specialist help if you have inflammations or other skin issues. 


Finally, you need to moisturize as this adds moisture to the skin, helping it to glow and coloration differences to disappear. It is a good idea to use a moisturizer with sunblock built-in. This will help to prevent the uneven skin tone from getting worse and encourage it to get better. 

If needed you can top this up throughout the day with regular sunscreen. A good moisturizer will leave your skin soft, glowing, and the uneven coloration barely visible. 

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