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Why Mobile Bar Services Are Thriving In The New Economy

by luxirare
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Nowadays, there aren’t too many brick and mortar businesses that are thriving without finding ways to adapt to the new economy, often referred to as the digital economy. In almost every sector, young, hungry entrepreneurs are finding ways to provide better, more convenient service at a more reasonable price. This new economy is changing the way we purchase media, book travel, buy groceries and communicate with friends and colleagues; even within the service industry – which is by nature reliant on face to face human interaction – the landscape is changing. Whether you are hosting a small private party or own a huge venue intended for public events, it is worth noting that old school caterers and franchise kiosks are no longer the only option. The trend of outsourcing food and drink responsibilities to hip, young, tech savvy mobile bar services has been on the rise of late, and with good reason.

If you run a large scale venue, you may often deal with unionised workers and franchise workers who are not well paid and who have no incentive to provide memorable service. The rates for these types of services can be quite high, ultimately cutting into your margin. New independent mobile bar servers bred of the new economy are both hungry for the chance to prove themselves, and often incentivized by their employers who work closely with them to make sure their needs are being met.

Often times, caterers and established franchises will be hired on not because of any actual merit, but simply because they are the default. In this era of tectonic paradigm shifts, even an industry as old and as seemingly straight-forward as event catering is morphing rapidly. Rather than bringing in a stodgy old team of bartenders who don’t want to be there, it is increasingly easy to find a company that provides passionate, innovative bartenders who will liven up the scene and put together an array of mind blowing dishes and drinks for the occasion.

These types of businesses not only add to the overall ambience and efficiency of the event; they will also often accommodate you if you want a more customised service with less hands on deck. A Canadian company called Bartendo is a great example; if you are merely hosting a small backyard party you can request one of several options: just the physical bar itself, a fully stocked bar, or a stocked bar staffed with mixologists who are smart serve certified and covered under the WSIB, so that you are can rest assured that there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you wanted a host or an extra set of hands for an odd job, usually this is no problem to arrange.

If you are a larger venue that hosts many events, and you are sick of paying out old school company’s who are inflexible and unappreciative, outsourcing service to a mobile bar might be the best way to go, not only for your bottom line, but also to create the best overall mood to entice guests to want to return again and again, or book your venue for their own events.

Fresh, innovative businesses in the digital age are creating a new economy where anyone can find the best possible service, customised to their needs for the best possible price. A lot of old school capitalists will grumble, but it seems like this is the way forward.  

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